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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Heat Is On

We got lucky to catch Edsa Shangri-la's Php 888 net per person promo for Heat last August 30, 2013 for our company fun day. Here are some 'pampagutom' pictures I'd like to share with you.

Just like the other buffets, they have an area for each type of cuisine.

Here are some reasons why you should try Heat:
1.) For me, they have the best tempura. It's a bit small because it has less breading which should mean there's less oil right?
2.) You could customize your own bottomless ramen and they have some Indian dishes which other buffet restaurants don't have. 
3.) They have curacha (red frog crab found in Zamboanga)
4.) You could customize your own 'cold stone-style' ice cream which will be prepared by their awesome chef
5.)  Bottomless taho for the win!
Endless plates full of good food.
More stuff for my sweet tooth =) Their Tiramisu is a must-try!
A full stomach makes a happy heart. After our scrumptious lunch, we're off to the mall to do some shopping.
Sashimi and sweets made me really happy haha! Until next year's Funday! Thanks Ann and Iells for the photos =)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Kaya Spread from Toast Box

While everyone is going crazy over Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter and Ovomaltine, I am enjoying my own jar of Kaya Spread from Toast Box. I bought it from Toast Box, Greenbelt 5 for only P135.00.

 If you're not familiar with 'kaya', it's the Malaysian version of our coco jam and it's popular in Singapore. While I enjoy coco jam with plain hot pandesal, I enjoy my kaya spread with toasted wheat bread and butter. (Forgive my slightly burnt toast. I like it really crunchy).

To complete my Singapore-inspired breakfast, I combine it with a hot cup of Gold Roast Teh Tarik (milk tea) which a close friend got me from SG.

If you find coco jam too sweet, then you will surely love kaya. You could also pair it up with brewed coffee or hot choco. Visit your nearest Toastbox branch while they still have supply =)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's Sa-Wrap! =)

I may already have shared with you my love for bread, and sandwiches but I think I may have forgotten to add wraps. Who would not love wraps? It's a perfect meal if you're on the go and if you are not in the mood for rice.  
I have recently discovered Kebab Turki Baba Rafi at Dela Rosa 1 Carpark thanks to my friend Chin. I ordered cheese beef kebab (P 90.00) which I absolutely loved because the beef inside was tender and the tortilla wrap was perfectly heated. I also ordered their Sweet Tamarind juice, which I know sounds a little bit odd but it was actually good. You will taste a lot of sourness in your first sip but you'll get the hang of it and will eventually taste like iced tea as you finish your big cup. I also loved the packaging which has a pull-out string at the back to help you 'eject' the wrap from the box without the mess.  


Next is Wrap Battle's Chicken Pesto Wrap P100 at Cucina Andare (Glorietta 3 Carpark). I've never seen a wrap this huge and stuffed. Definitely worth it! It's a bit messy to eat because the ingredients are falling all over the place and the olive oil from the pesto sauce started to leak on the bottom. But when you get to taste it, you wouldn't care how messy it would be because it's so good. Plus, it's also healthy! If you only want a light snack, you could share it with someone because I was already full half-way through the wrap =) I can't wait to try their other best-seller - the beef nacho wrap.

 I'm sure I got you hungry again. Try them out and get addicted to wraps like me. Happy Sunday! =)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Luxe A-List Desserts: Matignon Choco Luxe

It was my big bro's birthday last June 11 and we were on the look out for a cake for the birthday boy. We ended up trying Matignon Choco Luxe: a double-layered chocolate fudge cake filled with caramel and topped with chocolate ganache, and decorated with sliced chocolate and chocolate curls. (Price PHP 500)

The intricate design on top and the white chocolate stripes on the side made it look elegant and posh which is perfect if you would like to give this as a gift.

Everytime I eat chocolate cakes, I ALWAYS make sure that it has some caramel in the middle, and I was very happy to see that in my first slice. Having that thin layer of caramel makes a lot of difference. Probably because it breaks the chocolate flavor? Honestly, I'm not sure. All I know it makes my chocolate cake yummier and that's all that matters. =P
It was heaven at first bite =) While others like it light and 'airy', I prefer it really moist like this one.  I felt like it just melted in my mouth. The chocolate frosting had the right amount of sweetness that would make you want to eat more. (Diet fail!)  
This is how the cake looked like minutes later (minutes palang ha!) We were all like ants slowly finishing it off.

In your next choco craving, or if you have a sweet tooth in search of a good treat, try this awesome cake from Goldilocks Luxe A-list Desserts. Call them at 7276505 or 5705206 or drop by their store at 439 Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City

Monday, May 27, 2013

Crepes and Crafts Afternoon

Bonjour! Welcome to Paris -- not! We just went to La Creperie at Little Baguio, San Juan after a filling lunch at Everything at Steak with my good friend Kai.
Kai and I ordered Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat which was a bit huge for our sweet cravings so we decided to share it.
I have never tried chocolate crepe before and I was happy to see that it looked really good.

Just when we thought we were too full to finish it....
... it's gone! (we just can't get enough hehe)
Its a small cozy place near Jose Abad Santos St, a perfect place to chill, have dessert or coffee and read your favorite book. It's not crowded, relaxing French music fills the air and the smell will just make you hungry =P
Right after, we headed to 10A Alabama's Arts and Crafts Fair. We got lost around E. Rod at first but the gate was a sure sign that we found the place =) 
Inside the house, you would see pieces from Resurrection Furniture. I loved the yellow retro speakers (left) and the colored vanity table. 
Everything was just too cute!!!!
I have a new favorite artist - Jamie Bauza!! I wanted to purchase all her typographic pieces like "Almost Famous" (upper left) but I still have to finish fixing my room. I got her number just in case =)
Quirky items will surprise you like the chess set with keyboard pieces, the lamp made of Red Horse bottles, the umbrella lamp, the disc bag and the wall art made of color pencils.
There were also other useful items like leather bags and wallets, and adorable accessories.
Meet the krafty pirate who can create live watercolor portraits. You can also buy from him handmade wallets made from comic book pages which can be cute gifts for comic book fanatics =)
Talk about sisterhood of the travelling shorts (upper right photo) .You will definitely standout wearing these embroidered shorts. Unfortunately they are too short for my patas =P
Personalize your room with these wall decors. Engrave your name or your initials in these framed cement. (upper left photo)
 I loved the wine cork board (bottom left) and the antique accessories. There were also cute magnets to pimp your ref/ board with. =)
Kai bought her designed corkboard from Sitting Pretty. A perfect and useful piece to add color to your bare walls. We also bought washi tapes from HeyKessy. I wanted to buy a lot of washi tapes because the prints were just so cool but need magtipid so we only bought a few. =P Stamp Right Now also had cute stamps which you could use for your journals, planners and letters. 
More cute butingtings" and handmade stuff from Artefact. The cards made me miss those good old days when e-cards and email were not a thing yet.
Yehey!! A fun-filled Sunday! Till our next crafternoon Kai! =)