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Friday, March 29, 2013


A lot of people are now switching to organic products to prevent harmful chemicals. Most people would go to Healthy Options for more organic alternatives but their products could be a bit pricey. Thanks to Sesou Nature Source going 'green' is now affordable.
They also have organic products for your home including goo remover, laundry soaps and dish-washing soaps.
They have a wide range of organic soaps for the body including unusual ingredients like bearberry and seaweed. I got curious with the Dreadlocks Hair Wax. I wonder how it will be used (not that I'm thinking of having dreads, just imagining =P)

Lots of hair products too including the famous argan oil which have a lot of benefits for our hair.

I dropped by Sesou to get a new conditioner because my Oryspa bottles are now empty.
I noticed that organic conditioners are easier to rinse and I have less falling hair. 
I was so busy sniffing bottles left and right as I was looking for the conditioner that would treat my dry hair with a good and fresh scent.

I bought the Aloe Vera Conditioner from Z.E.N. for P250.00 which is a bit pricey compared to the usual conditioners but I think it's a good price to keep my hair healthy. This is a late post and I'm almost done with my bottle. I loved that it's not drying and a small amount could go a long way. It's easier to rinse which saves up bathroom time. On application, I usually concentrate more on the tips and use a wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles and to spread the conditioner evenly. But I noticed with this conditioner, the comb is not necessary. This is definitely a good buy.

Check out Sesou's FB page or Multiply page for their list of branches and to know more about their products. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Star Finder Optical

A lot of people have been asking me where I bought my eyewear that's why I'm sharing it with you. =)
I got it from Star-finder Boutique which has a lot of Korean eyeglasses. I got a light-weight frame from HumanEye Korea which is good for everyday wear. A lot of people (even celebrities) are digging the nerdy look with the classic wide-framed lenses probably because of the casual look and most importantly for comfort.  

Who would think twice seeing how affordable it is?
Having fun with the different styles =)
Photos of local and Korean celebrities are posted everywhere =P I was surprised that Martin Nievera's eyeglasses are from Star Finder =)
This is my "this-is-it" look when I finally decided what to buy.
Before purchasing, the staff would double check if your eye grade is still the same. You would go throught some vision tests that would only take around 5-10 minutes. Then you would only have to wait 45 minutes to an hour to get it fixed =) For the frame and multi-coated lenses I paid around P1,500, which is a good deal for an awesome pair of eye glasses. =)
Star-finder Boutique has branches at Festival Mall Muntinlupa, BF Homes Paranaque and Robinsons Ermita. I'm not sure if they have a website but you can check their FB page

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pure Beauty @ Serendra

Starting your 2013 goal to look fabulous and don’t know where to start? I suggest you should start with your ‘tools’ to make it happen by shopping for new beauty products. Call your kikay best friend and go to Pure Beauty at Serendra. They offer different products like makeup, hair accessories, nail polish and other beauty essentials but they only offer limited brands such as Nyx, Revlon, Graftobian, Shiseido, Red Earth, Charm, Aveeno, Temptu, Goody, Orly, Wet N Wild, L.A. Colors, Ben Nye, Bdellium Tools, Burt’s Bees and products from Make-up Designory. This is a shopping haven for makeup artists as they also sell makeup train cases, Zuca Pro Makeup Bags and airbrush cosmetics. Since most products are imported, the prices would be average to high. Also, when I went there last week, there seems to be a problem with the store's air conditioning system. I hope it's only temporary as the room temp could affect the quality of the products and it might affect the customers. I also had difficulties in choosing what to buy because they don’t have testers and most products are out of stock. =( You can also try their new shopping website but it seems they only have a few products available online as compared to what they have in the store. 

Have you shopped for your 2013 beauty essentials? Share what's inside your kikay kits! Have an awesome weekend! =)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hotspot: Robinsons Magnolia

A lot of my friends were checking in at Robinsons Magnolia and everyone just keeps talking about it so I decided to check it out last weekend. It was very accessible for me since it was only 1 ride away. I got out of the house, took the San Juan-Cubao jeepney right in front of our gate, hopped in and stopped at Hemady Street and I’m there! 
The main entrance is at the Aurora Blvd. side so I walked a few steps since all the side doors were all closed. 
The majestic hall reminded me of Greenbelt 5 because of the dazzling chandeliers and marble floors; and when I turned to see the stores, it was really like Greenbelt. 
Most of the stores were still closed but you can already see the “coming soon” signs of branded shops like GAP, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Muji, Beauty Bar, and the most-awaited Cotton On etc. While the mall is loaded with chic stores, their department store is really small =( Since I’m not really up for branded stuff, what would lure me back to this place are the yummy restos like Buffet 101, Yabu, Big Better Burgers and the new Ramen Bar which I’m really excited to try. 
Even their food court is quite upscale seeing Pepper Lunch! =P I would also like to try the new seats of their cinemas with some free popcorn haha =P  Lastly, I would like to reminisce my childhood days at the new but smaller version of Magnolia House to have some dessert or merienda and possibly have a short walk along the grass-covered area to burn the calories haha. 
Can’t wait for all the shops to open! This will definitely be a new hangout place for QC/San Juan peeps =)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to School Kikay Tools

June has officially started and that can only mean two things: it's the beginning of rainy season and kids will be back in school. For those who love kawaii stuff, check out these places where you can get super cute items to complete your school gear.

*['Kawaii' - a Japanese term meaning pretty, cute, lovely, charming]

Why stick to the usual boring stuff when it could be fun (and oh so lovely) =P

These items are from Landmark Department Store (Makati) and are very affordable. Their stuff are also perfect for gifts.

This is not a bookstore but this is in Saizen (Robinsons Galleria). All items are P85 each. The good thing is they don't just have items for school but they have stuff for the house, for the car, for the office, toys and food as well. 

I suddenly missed going to school and how I wrapped my books in colorful wrappers and my complete set of gel pens and highlighters. (My school stuff made me excited to go to school haha)

These quirky finds will surely amp up your campus life.
Start your school year with a bang. Be different. Standout. =) 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Kuripot Kikay Buys

I think every girl is kikay and being kikay could be costly especially good makeup. I've always wanted to buy the Mac Blot Powder Pressed because I've heard great reviews about how it is perfect for oily skin. But upon seeing the price (around P1,000+) I think I would stick to my inexpensive pressed powder. Thanks to my other kikay friend (who is actually practicing becoming a makeup artist), she suggested another product to control the excessive oil in the T-zone. Ellana Mineral Cosmetics' Pumpkin Pie Latte Light Peach Oil Absorbing Loose Mineral Finishing Powder. I was at first hesitant on trying this since I had quite sensitive skin but my friend had the same problem but it worked on her. I bought mine at SM Makati, alongside the pasalubong items. You might have problems locating it since it's not sold in the department store area. They only had a small booth and it was beside other food items. (It's outside the supermarket.) The powder had 2 available sizes (1g - P100 and 6g P300) and I bought the bigger one since the small one was not available. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I like it. It is usually applied above the foundation but I use it as a normal pressed powder. I understand that since it's a finishing powder, it only has light coverage.
Pros: I liked how you can seal in the powder by using the knob to cover the holes to avoid the powder from spilling in your bag. It also has Allantoin and Vitamin E and is Paraben-free. However, I didn't like the scratches on the cover. The other con is it didn't control my oil problems and I still had to use blotting paper from time to time. It's okay for everyday use like a normal pressed powder but if you want more coverage, apply it after your foundation. To brighten up my look, I also bought a new lipstick. Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme in Coral Pink. Yes the tag "moisture extreme" caught my attention since most lipsticks tend to make the lips dry. I usually wear lip balm but I thought of changing my look for special occasions. I only needed one swipe just to even out the color and it really glides smoothly. To add more moisture, I usually add on my favorite lip balm. =) Compared to the other popular lipsticks like Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter (P 500+), this one is less expensive (P 299). As for the cons, it only lasts for a few hours and the other shade (Pink Petal) was rumored to have lead (yikes!). Hopefully this one is safe coz I really love the color. Can't wait for my next kuripot kikay buy =)