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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sony VAIO Tap 20

Since I am 'babysitting' a Sony VAIO Tap 20 for a week, I thought of giving this gadget a 'test drive' to find out it's special features. I'm no expert on gadgets but I just like to share my thoughts for those who are planning to buy one. 

Key features: 20 inch, Intel Core i5-3317U processor, 4GB of DDR3 system memory

+ First thing I noticed is it's sleek design. It just looks professional and sophisticated together with the wireless keyboard. All the 'bulkiness' of a normal desktop are all hidden.  

+ I liked that it had a whopping 20 inch screen which is perfect for my solo movie marathons and even for movie dates with the barkada or for the family.
- Since it had Sony TV technology, I expected the image quality to be impressive but it's just okay  
+/- It is way heavier than a normal tablet (around 5 kg) but still transportable around the house. It is supported by a very strong stand so it could be adjusted to your preferred angle. 


+ You could finally enjoy Windows 8 with its touchscreen aspect. 
+ It had original Vaio applications like Family Paint which kids and the kids at heart could enjoy. 
- Battery only lasts up to 2 hours (more or less) It could be just a movie then it will be dead =( 
- The sound from the speakers is not so good. I may have expected a lot from the speakers since it's from Sony but I was a bit disappointed. 
- It is too pricey for me (around P50-60,000)
- The touch experience was okay but had some lagging when I used Facebook. Also, disrupting my view are my own fingerprints (downside of a touch-screen).  
- The front camera has only 1.31 megapixels (not good for Skype and selfies) 

Overall, it looks like a tablet but it's more of a desktop PC. (I'm not even sure which category it would fit.) If portability is your main criteria, this is not for you as it's not meant to be carried around casually like a tablet. But if you're looking for something basic and MOVABLE around the house or the office then this could be for you. Would I buy it? Maybe not. I find it too pricey and it doesn't have a star feature which would make it standout from the rest of the all-in-one desktops. As much as I enjoyed using it, I still used my desktop PC for my daily tasks and surfing sprees. 

I hope this was helpful. If you own one or have tried using it, let me know what you think! =)