Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quick Stop at the South: Soderno

Want to grab something to eat for your late night hangout? Drop by Soderno (beside Alabang Town Center) for a lot of great food finds.

Gotta love street food!

The kebabs looked so yummy but I was a bit disappointed. The meat was not tender and it was hard to chew. P100 for a stick is already filling. The sauce was not too great and it could have saved the kebabs but it didn't.

Huge pizza slices for P 170 per slice.

One of the best dalandan frozen juices everrr and the girl selling it was super friendly.

We went there around 8:30-ish and most stalls were still closed. I will be back again at a later time.
A perfect place to go after partying =P

A Tagaytay Wedding

 I love weddings! Not only is it a time to dress up and be glamorous but more importantly to celebrate the union of two individuals bound by love.

We stayed at Tagaytay Haven Hotel. I loved this place because of its very convenient location (along the highway) and it is budget-friendly. As far as I can remember we paid P 3,840 for a room good for 6 (P640 per person). I was expecting to have a jam-packed room because there would be a number of us sharing it but I was so surprised to have a very spacious area. (You can actually squeeze-in two additional beds). It was very clean and the staff was also friendly. 

It was a rainy Friday and the perfect thing to cap off the night is some hot bulalo soup. Since it was already late (around 11 pm), we searched for an open food spot and saw RSM Lutong Bahay.

We ordered the famous bulalong tagalog which got the Sooo Pinoy Award for Best Bulalo (2011) and halaan soup. It was also my first time to try the bone marrow. I heard it was the best part and it really was. The only thing is it's bad for those with cholesterol problems.

(Wedding Day)

Since the free breakfast was only for two, we just walked a few steps (in sleepwear) going to Jollibee, which is connected to the hotel. =) Then we took our turns to hit the shower and dressed up. Good thing my friend Kaye brought her cute mini iron to straighten out our crumpled wedding get up. 

Then that's me in my simple long red dress =)

The ceremonies were held at Lourdes Church. The church was filled with white roses and the aisles were lined with white cloth.

The couple exchanged vows and had the photo ops.
The reception was held at Clear Waters which was just a few blocks away from the church. 

The weather was perfect for the garden setting and the place had a nice view of Taal. When we thought that it would rain, the sun was so high that it gave me my tan. =P


It was indeed a lovely day to celebrate the joyful union of our friend John and his wife Eds. Best wishes to the bride and groom. =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Treats

Celebrated 4th of July at Fridays Glorietta to avail their discounted (and all-time favorite) chicken fingers for only P99.

Red, blue and white balloons filled up the place =)

For dessert we headed to Golden Spoon and bought our favorite frozen yogurt for only P25.
(Thanks Mands!)

Not only was it America's independence day but it was also my freedom from the unknown viral infection that hit me the past weekend. =) Thanks for all those who texted and messaged me in FB and for all those who prayed for my fast recovery. I raise my strawberry frozen yogurt to you guys. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keratin Treatment

Keratin is the main component of our hair, skin and nails. As for our hair, due to its exposure to heat and chemicals, our hair becomes brittle and dry. A simple hot oil treatment can give conditioning to the hair and scalp but not really protect it. Also, its effects immediately wear off after a few days. Keratin treatment protects and makes the hair shafts smooth by coating the hair follicle. It helps change the structure of the hair making it stronger.
I purchased a voucher at Metrodeal for P249 instead of P1200 at David’s Salon Wilson Branch for Keratin Treatment. Take note that this is not the Keratin Straightening Treatment nor the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. At David's Salon they did not use heat, and it's not used to straighten hair but its sole purpose is to nourish our hair with its lost properties (in short to make it shiny again). The process was the same with hot oil (shampoo, apply, keep on for 30 minutes then rinse). My hair was lathered with the keratin 'cream' and my hair was covered with cling wrap to hold it in place. 
[Sorry I looked like a freaking alien in this pic =P ]

By the way I loved the shoulder and upper back massage while I waited. It was perfect since I was so tired from my flight back from HK. After about 45 minutes, my hair was rinsed and blow dried. =)

I just loved how my hair felt after:

  • My hair became more manageable and shiny.
  • Smoother hair, less frizzy and easy to comb
  • Shorter time in fixing my hair

 After 2 weeks, I can still feel the effects. However, the one who did the treatment did not inform me that I should not wash it for at least 2 days. I hope washing it after a day is ok. It's my third week now and I can still feel the softness but my hair's texture is slowly going back to its old frizzy state. I think it should be a monthly thing just like with hot oil. Over all, I would repurchase again and I really think it's way better than hot oil =) Check out your favorite coupon sites for promos! =)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Art We Live

K11 at Tsim Sha Tsui is the very first Art Shopping Mall. I was fascinated by the art pieces displayed on different parts of the mall. It feels like I'm in a museum but surrounded by retail shops. It's a good idea to encourage art appreciation in the community. 

1. Home Sweet Home by Kenny Li Koon Yin
Medium: Corrugated paper, cloth and wood

This is my favorite piece. This was the first artwork that caught my attention. I loved the patterns he used for the pillows and how he incorporated it with recycled materials. This will make any plain room stand out. 

2. Sweet Delight Mona Lisa by Maurice Bennett
Medium: Canvas, flame and toast

From afar, you would think that this is a painting, but if you would look closely, it's entirely made of toast.
Isn't that fascinating? This was created by the "The Toastman" who has a massive collection of art pieces made out of toast. Over 6000 pieces of toast were used to create this piece. He used flame as his paintbrush in order to create different shadows and skin highlights. Very creative indeed =)

3. Installation: Suitman Travels to Brobdingnag & Lilliput by Young Kim

This is the main feature at K11 Piazza. This installation is a gigantic sixteen feet tall Suitman inflatable with his mini versions. This is the first art installation of the Public Fair No. 1 art collection. I believe Suitman is a replica of its creator because they look alike =) The story of the Suitman is quite interesting because he ensembles the travelling life of Young Kim.

 4. Meet Me in the Shade by Eileen Wong
Material: Aluminum, stainless steel and acrylic sheets

I first saw at the basement level thinking that it's the mall's design. I took a picture of it because I found it really pretty not knowing it was a featured artwork. This reminded me of the woods as described in fairy tales where the trees and plants feel like they are in harmony with the chirping birds.

 5. Weeping of the Sea by Zhang Hua
Medium: Resin, enamel paint

The artist used complicated and intricate folds to depict the sea's emotions. From what I could see it is full of waves and it seems like it had faces that wanted to say something. 

6. Captain by Deborah Butterfield
Medium: Metal

The artist is very fond of horses having her own ranch. Actually one of her horses is named Captain.
Her work most;y involves horse sculptures made out of different materials like wood and metal. With her exposure at her ranch, she was able to master the solid form of a horse.

7. The Reading Room by Jane Dyer
Medium: Pine wood and particle board shelves with books

With my love for books, this installation caught my eye. This was created by an Australian artist based in Beijing. According to an interview, she likes her work to provoke questions rather than give answers. I'm sure she loves books and I like how it was 'messily' arranged.

8. Duo Color Double Polyhedron Lamp by Olafur Aliasson
Medium: Stainless steel, Color-effect filter glass, LED lights

This looks like a big piece of crystal. It's brilliance makes it look elegant and very classy. The artist emphasized on tricks of light and refraction. The mirror-like surface creates an illusion as it reflects its location. You won't hardly recognize the LED lights because you would think it's sparkling from the outside.

9. Flying Leaves by Danny Lee
Medium: Copper

This remind of how dried leaves fall from the tree during fall. The sculptor was able to portray the drama and movement of the leaves as they slowly fall to the ground as they are carried by the wind.

10. Ken Ken by Zhang Hua
Medium: Resin, enamel paint

It's like a man melting. The layers of distortion creates a strong impact on the audience arising curiosity and uncertainty.

11. Shadow by Kum Chi Keung
Medium: Polyurethane with stainless steel structure

It looks like they are made of lego but they are not. In my interpretation, it's message is about freedom and travelling. For me when you travel, you carry the bag of knowledge and experience and that stays with you wherever you go. 

12. Sand Rippled by Tide by Mok Yat Sun
Medium: Stainless Steel, Brass and Wood

Camouflaged as benches, these cloud-like sculptures conveys vitality and imagination. It's like inviting the audience to stop and relax.  

Inspired by the art-themed trip to the mall, I collected random snapshots from my HKG trip and added some dash of color and effects. Enjoy =)

Introducing: My Artscape in HK Collection

I hope you enjoyed the artsy side of my trip to HKG as much as i did. =)

K11 is located at 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong