Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Marian Exhibit

In celebration of Mother Mary's Birthday (September 8) our parish held a short exhibit.

Location: Santuario del Santo Cristo Parish
Theme: Mga Larawan ng Birheng Maria sa Puso ng Bawat Isa

Happy Birthday Mama Mary! Thank you for always bringing us closer to God. 

Saturday Trade Fair

I think this is the only trade fair attended by 5 people, but this is one of the best I've ever gone to. I called it a 'trade fair' because we got to exchange books, movies, series and whatever we had =P Remember the days when we trade up stationery and stickers? (aww.. i miss those days * reminiscing*) It was exactly like that. Plus a time to catch up, relax and plan for our October trip =) We met up at Army Navy BGC and had our burger lunch. It was my first time to try their burger and it was really good. I got worried the black sesame seeds would get stuck in my teeth (not good for photo ops and cute guys alert haha!). My friend Kai was also happy with the burger. (Thanks Gian for suggesting this.)
After lunch we decided to go to our next door neighbor (Starbucks), to chill, have coffee and plug our gadgets =) I was really amazed with the beautiful interiors of that branch. I think it's the first "Filipinized" Starbucks.
Then we became busy checking out what each one brought. While the girls were happy chit chatting, the boys played with Magic cards. 
I also borrowed Kai's book which made me look crazy (laughing alone in one corner). I'm so jealous she was able to get her book signed! =P
I'm a big fan of TMR. Kai and I are planning to visit them one day =) 

A fun-filled Saturday with my folks: Kai, Gian, Steph and Vic. It seems 5 hours is not enough haha. Can't wait for our trip =) See you guys soon =)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loco Over Casio Retro

I’ve been borrowing my brothers’ stuff ever since I can remember. From shirts, to caps, belts, accessories and anything that I would find interesting. Every time I don’t feel like wearing anything in my closet, I would just go to their room,  and  check out their stuff haha =P They end up wondering why the top I’m wearing seems so familiar (haha sorry!). Then, I started noticing my older brother’s peculiar collection of old watches. I knew they were already out of style but I still borrowed it to complete my usual casual and/or sporty look. Surprisingly, he’s not the only one who is fond of retro watches, even my office colleagues are also part of the vintage-lovin’ bandwagon:
Let me start with my older brother's stuff:
(From left to right):
A. Casio Vintage Retro Gold Digital Watch A168WG A168 
B. Casio DBC-610GA-1DF Gold Retro Databank Watch
C. Casio Retro Style Digital Watch F-91W

This is my younger brother's watch which he just bought two weeks ago:
Casio Databank / Calculator 437 438 Black

A lot of watches from my boys right? Here are more awesome watches from my cool colleagues:

That's PD wearing his shiny and brand new silver Casio Retro A168 watch 
Meet Lovely. She's wearing a Casio 643 A300U "World Time" which was handed down from her mom =)

and last but not the least,

meet the ever-stylish Draco wearing Casio Databank (DBC-610A-1) metal band in silver

I know I don't have the eye for vintage stuff but while I was preparing for this post, I was surprised to know that my very own watch was also a Casio classic:
Mine was a Casio W800HG-9AV. It's quite big because it's for men haha. I like big watches and I'm one of the boys =P

I think this is the newest fashion trend. I visited a Casio store recently and I heard they are getting a lot of orders for these kinds of watches. They said it would take a while for the orders since they would get them from Japan. If I'm not mistaken, I think these watches are also being sold in Hong Kong because I saw some of these when I went there last June. =) Unfortunately, there are limited shops here in the Phil which offer vintage models. I got mine from an old watch store called "Citizen Emporium" in Manila a few years ago. I wanted to go back but I heard from my dad that they already moved (boohoo). Most of these watches were bought online.  So if you're digging this look, you can check Ebay or Multiply. You can also ask around because there are some people who directly sell these stuff. Prices range from P900-P4000 depending on the seller. =P Not bad right? Also, Casio is known for its quality that's why it would really be worth it. So, are you joining the club? =)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hotspot: Robinsons Magnolia

A lot of my friends were checking in at Robinsons Magnolia and everyone just keeps talking about it so I decided to check it out last weekend. It was very accessible for me since it was only 1 ride away. I got out of the house, took the San Juan-Cubao jeepney right in front of our gate, hopped in and stopped at Hemady Street and I’m there! 
The main entrance is at the Aurora Blvd. side so I walked a few steps since all the side doors were all closed. 
The majestic hall reminded me of Greenbelt 5 because of the dazzling chandeliers and marble floors; and when I turned to see the stores, it was really like Greenbelt. 
Most of the stores were still closed but you can already see the “coming soon” signs of branded shops like GAP, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Muji, Beauty Bar, and the most-awaited Cotton On etc. While the mall is loaded with chic stores, their department store is really small =( Since I’m not really up for branded stuff, what would lure me back to this place are the yummy restos like Buffet 101, Yabu, Big Better Burgers and the new Ramen Bar which I’m really excited to try. 
Even their food court is quite upscale seeing Pepper Lunch! =P I would also like to try the new seats of their cinemas with some free popcorn haha =P  Lastly, I would like to reminisce my childhood days at the new but smaller version of Magnolia House to have some dessert or merienda and possibly have a short walk along the grass-covered area to burn the calories haha. 
Can’t wait for all the shops to open! This will definitely be a new hangout place for QC/San Juan peeps =)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Now: Melona Ice Cream Bar

I've always wanted to try this ever since I first saw it at Saizen. Thanks to my friend Ching's birthday treat, I got the chance to finally taste it. I thought it was an ordinary melon-flavored ice drop (like twin popsies) but upon my first bite I was surprised that it was not "icey" but instead it was really creamy. It was really an ice cream bar on a stick! I loved the flavor (melon) and it had the right level of sweetness that would not make you sick haha. I could actually have another one but I was already freezing to death in the office=P
I can't wait to try the other flavors, I heard they are also good =)

Ching bought this from Rada Mart at P25 =) Melona ice cream bars are available at Korean convenience stores and certain supermarkets. Prices also range from P20-P40.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bizarre Bazaar

Welcome to MSCI's first ever bazaar. This encouraged entrepreneurs in our office to showcase their own products and at the same time help raise funds. Even though I was only able to attend the first day, I'm glad I was able to try a lot of delicious food. =)

There was a booth that offered packed lunch but unfortunately I wasn't able to try it. It sold out after a few minutes before lunch time =P There was also a booth that offered cool shirts for men =)


Another sold out booth is Jaja and Sunny's "Yummy Treats". Good thing I was early and I got the chance to try their yummy red velvet cupcakes and their cheesecake bars =)
My favorite booth would be Tippi's corner, which had polvorons and the ever famous Blondies =) A lot of fanatics were already waiting for her delicious pastries before she even arrived.
That's Tippi or commonly known as Trish. Not only did she sell sweet pastries but it was also sweet of her to donate the proceeds to the victims of the recent 'Habagat'. 
Just before lunch time, a booth opened to sell different kinds of pasta. Since I was a pasta freak, I really wanted to try all (takaw lang). Since I know I couldn't finish everything, I just decided to try the penne and it was really good. =)
Congrats to the organizers for a successful event! Happy Shoppers and  Happy Sellers =) Looking forward to MSCI's future happenings =)