Sunday, December 2, 2012

On the First Day of Xmas

On the first of December, before we all get busy with the holiday season, my college friends and I decided to have our annual Christmas get together at Vic's house and we all brought good food to share.
A xmas party would not be complete without gift-giving. Special thanks to for helping us with the 'bunutan' for our exchange gift =) 
Thanks to my mommy Steph for the lovely gift =)
I was so happy to get Kai as my baby because we share the same interests including my gift for her - 2013 Filed Doodle Planner =)
and more more gifts =)
It was a fun-filled night as usual. Too bad we forgot to have our complete group pic with the xmas tree. I hope next year, we'll be complete (paging Lhiz Espinosa-Manalese, Cathy Aquino and Jello Andrada) haha. Merry Christmas guys and I'm looking forward to make more memories in 2013. =)

Subarashi at Metrowalk

Konnichiwa! If you like Japanese goods, you should drop by Subarashi which is located at the 2nd floor of Metrowalk, beside elbow room. Let me tell you why:
Yummy Japanese candies, multi-flavored KitKat chocolate bars, everyone's favorite flavored bread
sticks (Pocky & Pretz), Jap coffee, more chocolates, tea and noodles! 

Japan is also known for good beauty products and they have them here as well. This is where I bought my Naturactor concealer and they also have Chifure cosmetic products, Shu Uemura eyelas curlers, some Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo and conditioner.  
They also have other items such as notebooks, cute Jap girl magnets, and dolls.

What's good about this store is that if you have some items that you would like to buy from Japan, you can ask and you can order from them. Prices could be a little high but I think it's good enough if you would compare it to buying it online and having it shipped =)  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Juice Ko Po

I just picked up my 2 orders of Tipco Christmas Packs at The Little Store (San Juan). I purchased these from CashCashPinoy for only P150 per pack instead of P299. Isn't it a great deal? I was able to try Cranberry, Beetroot & Broccoli from a freebie at Puregold and I just loved it! A good alternative for softdrinks, coffee and alcohol. =P It is also a perfect gift for health buffs and diet freaks this Christmas. =)

Pack 1 

Pack 2

Based on Tipco's FB page, Tipco is an all-natural beverage without the unnecessary preservatives, flavoring,  coloring and added sugar - just pure juice. 
They are manufactured in Thailand but it is currently being distributed in the Philippines by a local company. The other flavors like Beetroot and Broccoli might sound disgusting but it's actually pretty good. My current favorite is Broccoli. With all the health benefits of these juices, you won't have a hard time making the kiddos drink it because it's really good. If you want to try their yummy flavors, they are available at all supermarkets.   
I can't wait to try all the flavors. Cheers! =)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bejeweled in Black

While walking with my friend Patty at a friend's bachelorette party, my favorite silver shoes suddenly gave up on me. =( I was thinking of buying Mighty Bond at 7-11 just to glue it all back but I was too scared it wouldn't work. To skip all the mess of repairing it, I decided to find another footwear instead. 

Good thing Podium is still open around 9pm and it was just across the venue. Although I had to drag my left foot all the way there and cross ADB Avenue limping just to find a replacement. I was already desperate that I told myself if I find a flip flop I would buy it in a heartbeat =P (Keribels na sa porma) But thanks to Patty for suggesting CMG and we spotted this super cute flats for P1,500. Black suede flats with black 'jewels' and leopard print interior.

There was even a small treat, you could choose the color of your box with some surprise food for thought.
I actually chose cyan but instead they gave me periwinkle but it's good enough for me =)

This is now my go-to footwear because it's comfy, yet stylish. Can't wait to wear it this week!
Hope you loved it as much as I did. Happy Monday =)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lola Look

What to do with a bag of vintage eye wear from grandma and grandpa -- a crazy photoshoot! =P 
Lola Nerdinia, Lola Pormada, Lola Maldita and Lola Astiga =P
Yes I'm just bored like that! Happy Sunday everyone =)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Naturactor Cover Face 140

My kikay must-have is a concealer all because I have panda eyes (dark circles). A make-up artist once suggested to use Naturactor as my concealer/foundation to cover imperfections, dark circles and/or blemishes. I was really amazed on its coverage and how it was easy to apply. The only problem is it's not available in the market. After searching everywhere, I finally found it in a Japanese store named Subarashi at Metrowalk, Ortigas (which I'll be having a separate post soon).     

Since almost everything in the box are in Japanese characters, I got the product description from Meiko Cosmetics Malaysia's website []. They are Meiko's authorized distributor for  Meiko Cosmetics, Inc (JAPAN).

Provides great coverage for skin. It's long lasting and you only need to apply a little to get the perfect skin look.
Special to make up artis and professional use.
Jojoba Oil - helped with the dry and flaky skin
Mica - moisture your skin,in smaller portions will still offer this benefit for youthful looking skin without the added irritation.
Tocopherol, Vitamin E - improving metabolism and immune system skin.
Colors Available:
Colour Guide:
130light color, make pale or dull skin a rosy effect look more youthful,  suitable for very fair skin tone. delicate,especially for bridal make up.
140light in color for slightly deeper color than the 130, suitable for fair skin tone.
141medium color and skin color natural fit yet translucent effect, suitable for fair skin tone as shading. The colour transition of natural, soft, suitable for stage makeup studio makeup. Suitable for medium skin tone.
151Good coverage for face defects and shading, suitable for malay skin tone.
171Green neutralizes any redness on your face, from broken blood vessels, blemishes, irritation etc. It helps inhibit red complexion effectively cover the red spots left by acne.

Good thing the store had testers and I was able to try all shades. At first I thought 151 suits my skin but the girl who sold me the product said it's a bit dark for me. Geez! I spent almost 30 minutes deciding what shade  to buy. 130 was the lightest and I don't think I'm too 'white'. I was torn between 140 and 141 and I couldn't even identify the difference. I just decided to buy 140 based on the makeup artist's suggestion (if I remembered it correctly) since it's good (daw) for fair skin tone. I just hope I chose the right shade and I hope it would work well with my oily skin. It's a bit pricey (P 1,200) but I believe in the good quality of the product and I think this would go a long way. I've been using it for a week now and so far so good. Sorry I couldn't show a before and after pic. =P Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think! =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Starbucks 2013 Planner Sneak Peek

 Just for the record I have never EVER completed the sticker collection. Only my buddy Patrick Patino has been able to fulfill my dream of having one and for 5 years it's been a tradition.

So what's up with this year's planner?
  • covered with leather (with design on cover)
  • it has a magnetic lock on the side to keep it closed
  • starbucks cup magnetic bookmark
  • it now has lines (yey!)
  • free postcard
  • random goals for the day
  • notes section at the back (more yey!)
  • regular free coupons
  • spaces where you can attach pics =)
 Sadly no free pen this year but it's ok. It also comes in white and green. 

Hope you also got your planners =)