Friday, April 26, 2013

A Quick Escape

Stop and smell the roses. That's what I've been telling myself. Sure I'm always 'busy' and my mind is always preoccupied with a lot of things. Sometimes I can't think straight or my mind is flying somewhere else when it shouldn't be. I'm guilty of over-thinking, and I end up stressing myself out. So I booked a day to spend more time with my family. I dropped everything and just went out to have a good time. 
We all need these kinds of little breaks to clear our minds, to recharge, to be inspired and appreciate the little things that matter. These moments when you wish that everyday would be like that and you don't want to go back to reality, when everything seemed perfect and you feel like it's all a dream.    

(Had Bulalo at Leslie's and bought snacks at Good Shepherd) -- Good Shepherd now has fruit shakes and other snacks for takeout =)
Location: Tagaytay Highlands
Enjoying the pool to beat the burning weather. =P
As the famous comedian Kevin James said "There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap". (Pizza Quattro Stagioni at Highlands)
One should not miss the beautiful view of Taal. From afar the water looked calm and steady, but you'll see the waves when you get closer - I think it's just like me =P
To make your sight-seeing more relaxing, why not have some good coffee while enjoying the cold breeze? I checked out Filibeans which is located at the back of Leslie's. I tried Kapeng Nakakamocha if I remember it right =)
Bought lots of fruits on our way home. =)
Boohoo end of my quick vacation. =( If you're also into the point of exploding, go and take a break. 
A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking - Earl Wilson. 
If you're just too busy and couldn't spare a day, I hope you could at least have some seconds for laughter because that's already the shortest vacation you'll have =) Enjoy your weekend everyone!!=)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stradivarius at Glorietta 2

As Glorietta 2 re-opened its doors to a new and bigger space, they also brought new concept stores to the Philippines such as Stradivarius, which is a women's clothing brand from Spain. 

Their items looked casual and chic =) From left to right: Safari and Boho styles =)
If you're looking for the perfect denim chambray, you can get them here. They have it in different shades (dark, medium & light). If you need something for work, or to go for a preppy look, you will surely love their colorful light knit wear.
Brighten up your wardrobe with colorful denims for P1,290.
Pair a plain top with a funky printed bottoms.          Colorful sleeveless tops perfect for summer.
Accessorize to spice up your look. Unfortunately they only have several pieces to choose from.
More casual 3/4 striped blouses in different colors and more bright shirts. I'm into 3/4 blouses because it makes my arms look slimmer. =)
+/- Prices range from P500-P2000+  which is more affordable compared to Zara
 - They don't have stuff for men
- Not much accessories
+ colorful, trendy and wearable items
+ accessible

Visit them at Glorietta 2 (near entrance to Landmark) Happy Shopping! =)

Friday, March 29, 2013


A lot of people are now switching to organic products to prevent harmful chemicals. Most people would go to Healthy Options for more organic alternatives but their products could be a bit pricey. Thanks to Sesou Nature Source going 'green' is now affordable.
They also have organic products for your home including goo remover, laundry soaps and dish-washing soaps.
They have a wide range of organic soaps for the body including unusual ingredients like bearberry and seaweed. I got curious with the Dreadlocks Hair Wax. I wonder how it will be used (not that I'm thinking of having dreads, just imagining =P)

Lots of hair products too including the famous argan oil which have a lot of benefits for our hair.

I dropped by Sesou to get a new conditioner because my Oryspa bottles are now empty.
I noticed that organic conditioners are easier to rinse and I have less falling hair. 
I was so busy sniffing bottles left and right as I was looking for the conditioner that would treat my dry hair with a good and fresh scent.

I bought the Aloe Vera Conditioner from Z.E.N. for P250.00 which is a bit pricey compared to the usual conditioners but I think it's a good price to keep my hair healthy. This is a late post and I'm almost done with my bottle. I loved that it's not drying and a small amount could go a long way. It's easier to rinse which saves up bathroom time. On application, I usually concentrate more on the tips and use a wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles and to spread the conditioner evenly. But I noticed with this conditioner, the comb is not necessary. This is definitely a good buy.

Check out Sesou's FB page or Multiply page for their list of branches and to know more about their products. 


For a quick-fix of your favorite Mexican dishes, drop by Hermanos Taco Shop. They have the best tacos and mouth-watering quesadilla. =P 

I tried one of their platters [left] which includes: 6 pieces Rolled Tacos (P 285) which is made of crunchy taquitos topped with shredded lettuce and made extra rich with cheese sauce and sour cream, pico de gallo, chips and salsa. I'm not a big fan of taquitos because I prefer it thinner. I hope they used tortilla taco shells instead. Also, I think tortilla is more crunchy especially when it's hot,
I loved the12-inch/ 4 slices of Cheese Quesadillas (P 190) - which is a thick chunk of flour quesadilla flooded by melted jack and cheese within served with sour cream, and salsa. It was great with cheese alone but I'll try their other chicken quesadilla next time.
Of course I wouldn't miss their famous Carne Asada Chips (nachos) P 195. Which is #1 at Spot's List of Best nachos. They were very generous with the toppings and I loved it. The beef was also cooked perfectly giving it more flavor.

Lots of salsa for my quesadilla =)
2 thumbs up for a great snack which is actually good for 2.
 Visit Hermanos Taco Shop at at #27 Granada Avenue QC or at their new branch at Molita Mall, Alabang.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Funny Dove Ad

Thank you Francis for posting this hilarious video. In fairness na-inggit ako sa hair niya =P
A gentle reminder for men not to use our shampoo and get their own haha. They don't need gorgeous and bouncy hair -- or do they? =P

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yap-Sandiego House

In my last trip to Cebu (which I only had 2days) I visited a lot of historical landmarks such as Fort San Pedro, Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino and Magellan's cross .
One of my favorite spots is this old house near the Cebu Heritage Monument which is known as the Yap-Sandiego House. We all know that Cebu has now progressed to a very modern city but the owner of this house maintained this home just how it was built in 17th century.

I’m sure you’ve seen old houses in history books or in movies but not the furniture and interiors in full detail. I was amazed to see how they were able to maintain the old structures and that they still have century old pieces.
Just like in our own home, they also have this open lanai in the middle of the house.
Since Christianity was introduced in Cebu, religious statues and altars became an important part of every home.
You will notice in their furniture how carved wood was a prevalent design. Also, back in the days when there were no faucets or water outlets, they kept big jars and bottles to store their water which I think conserved more energy.

They have huge chairs by the window and they even have a harp.They have huge windows to get more light and air.

They kept the old design of the "Tisa" clay roof and Balayong wood. Since it was raining that time, I think I didn't see any leaks so I think the one who restored it did a great job.
They have "sungka" which is a known game back in the days (and which I'm terrible at). Their lamps and lightings were all huge and fragile.
This is their beautiful garden on one rainy Saturday morning.

My ghostly image in their old mirror with the sun's reflection.Good thing I'm not wearing white=P
Their vintage dining set is still in place.
I was surprised that most of their religious statues were also in the bedroom. Since it was quite dark inside the room, this creeped me out a little bit. =P

I had a few moments to reminisce, relax and breathe while waiting for the rain to subside.
This ancestral house is located at 155-Lopez Jaena corner Mabini Street, Parian District in Cebu, Phil.
Watch out since I'll be posting my favorite Cebu food stops soon =)