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Friday, January 3, 2014

What's In for 2014?

2013 wasn't the best year. I can't recall doing something exciting and memorable. I feel like I've bummed out the whole year and that is just sad. The good thing about a new year is a clean start and another chance to set things right.

Here are some links that you could find helpful if you're on the verge of doing your yearly resolutions:
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(photo from Instagram/ Beautiful Minds FB Page)

I'm still creating my list and I am very hopeful that I would be able to accomplish a lot (if not all). Hello exercise and savings, we meet again!
Let's do this guys! May we all have an awesome year ahead =)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Room 512

     After 7 months of being in the hospital along with a series of dialysis, infections, sores and blood transfusions, I don’t know if I should be relieved that all your pain has ended or to dread that we wouldn’t be with you anymore. Upon hearing the news at around 8 am last Thursday, I was still hopeful that it was just a false alarm and that the meds could still do their job. I don’t know if it was a selfish hope to prolong your life but I have always carried that optimism that one day we could bring you home. All of that wishful thinking faded the minute I had a last glimpse of you wrapped in white, without your usual blushing cheeks. and I realized the time has come.
     I wasn’t there when you breathed your last but there’s a picture in my mind on how it happened. A beautiful lady wrapped you in her arms as you were carried away by beings with faces so pure and together you rose up to the light. That day, August 15, 2013, was the feast of the Assumption, the day the blessed Mary went up to heaven and on that day, she brought a faithful servant.
     When we bid you goodbye last Sunday, heaven was also crying with us. The last mass, taught us all a very valuable lesson in life: that we all die when we start loving. The moment we love another, the concept of self-centeredness dies because a person loving lives for another. We all know you were in so much pain yet you never complained. We know it was your love for us that kept you fighting. Thank you lola for showing us what true love meant. Thank you for instilling in us the importance of values and family. It hurts that we can no longer stroke your golden white hair and touch your rosy cheeks, nor smell your baby-like scent nor hug you or kiss you, but we all know you need to rest. We know you're perfectly happy right now, free from all pain and sorrow and finally reuniting with lolo. Please watch over us from up there. Please always guide us and protect us. Every time we will miss you, we'll look up to the skies, close our eyes, and put our hands near our hearts; because that's where you are and where you'll always be.
     Goodbye for now our dear lola. We love you so much.
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15