Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Crocs 2012 'Everyday' Collection

Crocs is known for being a comfortable footwear than for being fashionable. Mainly because their launching product is the traditional clogs which are mostly worn by children and the not so young ones. This year Crocs has changed their image from being the conventional go-to comfort shoes to the more casual and fashionable everyday wear.
Now you wouldn't be ashamed of wearing Crocs in public. Their new collection has brighter colors with modern styles but still with the same comfort. The price range would be P1,000-P5,000 depending on the style. To check the prices, visit their site -


Monday, February 27, 2012

A Different Katy Perry

Katy Perry 'Interview' cover
Looking at the picture alone, you wouldn't recognize who this A-list celebrity is. You would probably think that she looks like Amy Winehouse (because of the cat-eyes and black teased-up hair) or probably some ad from Guess (black and white effect with sexy model). Who would have thought it would be no other than Katy Perry? Katy Perry is known for her fun, vibrant, and outrageous fashion sense. She usually performs or walks the red carpet with her themed dresses and to top it off, her brightly colored hair. This photo is very stunning because not only did she look extremely gorgeous, but a more serious and glamorous side of her personality is shown. This would probably make Russel regret letting her go. 

Photo credits: r-20100607&docid=sriF40qGQyw_8M&imgurl=

Cafeteria Verde

Some of us are probably sick of eating at our usual go-to fast food restaurants for a satisfying and budget-friendly meal. Since I was looking for a new place to eat without the long lines and  without the guilt of all the calories, my friend and I tried this place in the middle of Robinsons Galleria’s sports loop. It was a nice and cozy place where you can hang out and probably read since the place was quiet and easeful. I ate there around 2pm for late lunch that’s why it wasn’t too crowded.  
Good thing I always bring the coupon that I bought from Smart Concepts. I got this coupon from a sales agent at Big Chill (Solaris One Branch, Makati City) for P400.00. [I know it is quite expensive but  I’m a constant consumer of their products and I thought that it would be worth it, so I bought it =P]   

We ordered one Paad Thai, Panini and Super Fresh drinks all for P149 (using the coupons) and I saved P114.00. Here’s the breakdown:
Paad Thai – P 99
Superfresh shake – P45 (Medium)
Total: P 144

Free with coupon:
Superfresh shake – P35 (Small)
Panini – P 79
Total: P 114

Coupon 1: Buy any drink and receive any drink of lesser value FREE!
Coupon 2: Buy any food item and receive any food item of lesser value FREE!
Note: You can use use coupon1 and coupon 2 at the same time but not 2 coupons of the same kind. =)

As for the food, it was not too great but I liked it.
1. As for the Paad Thai, it didn’t taste like the authentic one but it was good enough. It was tasty and it was satisfying for a light-eater like me.

2. I liked the Panini. Inside the Panini were mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil. You can really taste the freshness of the tomatoes and basil.

3. The best part of the meal was the drinks. The mango was so fresh and the coconut milk gave it a different twist. I enjoyed it with sago =)

All in all, I enjoyed my simple meal. Diet-conscious people will like the place and it’s a good spot for vegetarians as well. The food is budget friendly and it will still satisfy your craving taste buds. You can also order for take out if you’re planning to go to the movies (a better alternative to chips).


As a special treat for Valentines day, Ayalamalls not only gave out single roses to couples but also treats for singles as well: Valentine Discount Booklets. This booklet will give you discounts to selected establishments. I was able to use one when we headed to Pinkberry for dessert.
Good thing you can try out their flavors for free. The staff were very accommodating to let us try the different flavors before ordering. Honestly, to me, it all tasted the same so I just ordered one of each - Original and Watermelon. I also think Pinkberry had the most options for toppings. I would usually go for the simple almonds so it would not really affect the taste but since they offered 4 free toppings, I got to try other good stuff as well (YEY!).

this is my final combo: 

original + watermelon yogurt 
cheese cake
mango burst

Almonds are common since all frozen yogurt shops offer that topping. It gives a certain crisp to contrast the smooth texture of the yogurt. The cheesecake gives the certain creaminess (like a cake) to the plain taste of yogurt. The other 2 toppings are quite unusual but I would definitely recommend for you to try. The mango burst are like tapioca (sago) but inside it is a rich mango puree. It literally bursts in your mouth. It's fun to eat since it is exciting and flavorful. My most favorite topping would be the health bars. It tastes like chopped butterfinger. (yum!) So if you're looking for more variety and something to cool you down this summer, go now to Pinkberry's only branch at Greenbelt 5 Makati.

Kuripot Kikay Buys

I think every girl is kikay and being kikay could be costly especially good makeup. I've always wanted to buy the Mac Blot Powder Pressed because I've heard great reviews about how it is perfect for oily skin. But upon seeing the price (around P1,000+) I think I would stick to my inexpensive pressed powder. Thanks to my other kikay friend (who is actually practicing becoming a makeup artist), she suggested another product to control the excessive oil in the T-zone. Ellana Mineral Cosmetics' Pumpkin Pie Latte Light Peach Oil Absorbing Loose Mineral Finishing Powder. I was at first hesitant on trying this since I had quite sensitive skin but my friend had the same problem but it worked on her. I bought mine at SM Makati, alongside the pasalubong items. You might have problems locating it since it's not sold in the department store area. They only had a small booth and it was beside other food items. (It's outside the supermarket.) The powder had 2 available sizes (1g - P100 and 6g P300) and I bought the bigger one since the small one was not available. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I like it. It is usually applied above the foundation but I use it as a normal pressed powder. I understand that since it's a finishing powder, it only has light coverage.
Pros: I liked how you can seal in the powder by using the knob to cover the holes to avoid the powder from spilling in your bag. It also has Allantoin and Vitamin E and is Paraben-free. However, I didn't like the scratches on the cover. The other con is it didn't control my oil problems and I still had to use blotting paper from time to time. It's okay for everyday use like a normal pressed powder but if you want more coverage, apply it after your foundation. To brighten up my look, I also bought a new lipstick. Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme in Coral Pink. Yes the tag "moisture extreme" caught my attention since most lipsticks tend to make the lips dry. I usually wear lip balm but I thought of changing my look for special occasions. I only needed one swipe just to even out the color and it really glides smoothly. To add more moisture, I usually add on my favorite lip balm. =) Compared to the other popular lipsticks like Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter (P 500+), this one is less expensive (P 299). As for the cons, it only lasts for a few hours and the other shade (Pink Petal) was rumored to have lead (yikes!). Hopefully this one is safe coz I really love the color. Can't wait for my next kuripot kikay buy =)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


After mass, my dad brought us to this new place in San Juan called Kanzhu.

Kanzhu is known for their hand-pulled noodles. You could actually see how the noodles were being made through their kitchen window. We were first offered with free sweet nuts covered in sesame seeds while waiting for orders to arrive. I think I finished the small plate as it was addicting. Then came another freebie which was their hot soup to begin our meal. Then our orders came:

Pork and Chive Dumplings P85 
Vegetable Fried Rice P125 

Wok Fried Fragrant Chicken (P200) 
Mixed Vegetable Fried Noodles ( P 140) 

The pork and chive dumplings tasted like Gyoza but I liked it better since it was full of chives. Dipping it with black vinegar made it even more tasty  and you can sense the sourness of the vinegar intertwining with the chives. The vegetable fried rice tasted like yang chow fried rice but it was still good. I always order yang chow as it completes the oriental taste of the meal. The fragrant chicken was also good. It was very soft and the sauce had the perfect balance of sweetness. I expected a lot from the hand-pulled noodles but it was ok. I think I should have ordered the seafood fried noodles.  Service was quick and they even had wifi. It's nice to know that it's only a jeepney ride away from my house. All in all it was good and the price was reasonable. I would definitely go back to try their special lamb dumplings and their plain dry noodles. =)

Kanzhu is located at Unit 4 Citiplace Building, 8001 Jose Abad Santos street, Little Baguio, San Juan City.
(Beside Ristras) They also have another branch in QC.

Tempura's New Salmon Maki with Cream Cheese

Tempura 50% off promo 2011
Every year I look forward to Tempura's 50% off on all sushi, maki and sashimi. Last year, my friend and I dined in at Tempura Grill Convergy's branch and we ordered our usual Califonia Maki, and 4 orders of Salmon Sashimi (obviously our favorite). We also tried their Uncle Sam's maki which had bacon bits and cream cheese ( a must-try!) which is one of their bestsellers.

As for this year we decided to try the others Makimonos: Dynamite, and Firecracker Crisp. When we placed our orders, the waiter informed us that only their classic makis were included in the promo. Upon hearing this I think my heart melted or more of I was quite disappointed (see my reaction). We had to change our entire list of orders. Good thing there were still some good ones to order and we decided to try their new product: Salmon Maki with cream cheese.

my reaction
What I loved about it, is it's stuffed.  The sesame seeds and spring onions added an edgy after taste. The cream cheese made it more tasty. It was topped with fried breading giving it a crunchy feel. It was definitely not an ordinary salmon roll. 

the new Salmon Maki w/ cream cheese

All in all our bill was P435 comprising of 1 Salmon cream cheese and 3 orders of salmon sashimi (6-7 slices).
Without the promo it could be around P800+.

Visit your nearest Tempura Grill branch now while their promo is still available (only until Feb 28, 2012 2-5pm only)

Which Sandwich?

My mom and I got hungry upon arriving at Greenhills and we wanted to have a snack which was not too heavy. We saw Milky Way at V-mall and we discovered that they were also offering a variety of sandwiches and other snacks.

Milky Way became known during the 1950s and is known for their Pinoy delicacies such as Dinuguan, Tokwa't Baboy, Laing etc. They also have bottled and packed items which you can bring home and which you can give as pasalubongs to balikbayans.

I ordered the Shrimp Hawaiian Sandwich (mainly because I love shrimp). It came in 4 slices which made it more convenient to eat. I liked the dressing and the plump shrimps inside. The pineapple chunks gave it a little tangy taste. (sorry for the blurry 2nd pic). My mom ordered Chicken Asparagus (3rd pic) which was really tasty and you can taste the freshness of the ingredients. Both orders were P 99.00 per plastic tray (w/ 4 triple-decker slices) and it was indeed a filling merienda. We each finished three slices and brought our last slices home. It's definitely a perfect snack that everyone should try.

 I'll be back to try their pancit luglog and their halo-halo which I heard are their other bestsellers. =)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mystery of M&Ms

I've always loved M&Ms in yellow (with peanuts) since I was a kid. I remembered how I would always pick the red one and use it as lipstick. =P One day when I was eating my last mini bag of M&Ms, it hit me that I didn't know what M & M stands for. Thanks to the internet, I got my answer.

M & M comes from the initials of 2 men who introduced these brightly colored candies in 1941:
Forrest E. Mars, Sr. and Bruce Murrie

Visit this site to get to know how famous brands got their names: - - ENJOY! =)

Chateau Hestia

One cloudy Saturday morning, my friends and I decided to unwind and go to Tagaytay. One of our friends suggested a place called “Chateau Hestia”. I’ve never heard of this place even though I’ve been to Tagaytay a dozen times. Since my goal for this year is to try new things, we decided to give it a go. Thanks to my friend’s map, we were able to find the place. The place is actually hidden and quite far from the main road. If you’re not too observant you would miss the small yellow sign along the highway. After a couple of turns, the main antique gate welcomed us.  

Upon arriving, you won't see the entire place as it is covered with trees and plants. But the trail going to the restaurant was enchanting, giving you a sense that you are directed to a secret garden. Since my friend already made a reservation, we were immediately directed to our table.
I was scanning the whole place and I loved everything about it. It felt like we were just inside an old art house as the place was filled with antique furniture and art work.


                     We were served with their free appetizers and I noticed how cute their plates were.


Since we were clueless on what to order, one of my friends decided to get the Set Menu while each one of us tried their bestsellers. Here is what we ordered:

      1.       My order: Hestia Burger (Herbed Foccacia bread filled with infused beef patties stuffed with mozzarella cheese) and fresh dalandan juice. This is more of a sandwich than a burger. I loved the foccacia bread and the burger is quite different (not the usual pure beef pattie). It was really tasty and it was filled with the right amount of veggies. I loved the fries on the side as well but there were only a few. My dalandan juice was perfect. Fresh and cold =)

    2. Osso Buco Milanese (traditional dish from Italy of beef shank slowly simmered in rich tomato sauce served with mashed potato and mixed buttered vegetables). [Trivia: Osso buco in Italian means bone with a hole] As for this plate, I think the bone was not included. This is one of their best-sellers. The meat was really soft and the sauce was really tasty. The mashed potato didn’t have much flavor but it was balanced out by the rich flavor of the sauce.

       3.       Salmon Pasta (Pasta served with white sauce, Scandinavian salmon and capers garnished with fresh dill).I love salmon, having it with cream was a little unusual but it was a nice substitute for the usual bacon. My friend also had a glass of wine ( just for P125)  to go with this and she liked it.

4.       Crusted Salmon (Lemon-peppered crusted fillet of salmon with smoked paprika sauce served with mashed potato and buttered vegetables). Ideal diet-friendly meal. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the mashed potato will suffice as rice.

        5.       Pasta di Mare (A combination of scallops and prawns in perfectly-simmered pomodoro sauce). I usually order Pasta di Mare but I decided not to order it for myself since I wanted to try something new. Good thing my friend ordered it and I got some. However, I think it lacked herbs. The noodles were unusually thick making it too heavy for a single person. I loved the prawns.

 6.       Set Meal: I only had pictures of the Hestia Green Salad with Passion Fruit vinaigrette, Austrian Roast Pork and Mousse Au Chocolat. The most unusual part of this meal is the Austrian Roast Pork. The salad was really fresh. I’m neither a food critic nor a chef but I think the "Austrian Pork" is their version of the Austrian Schweinsbraten. Surrounding the pork is I think bread dumplings called “Semmelknodel”. ( I had to research on what it’s called). At first I thought those were mashed potatoes but I immediately recognized the taste of bread. It was quite good and I found it interesting. The dessert will be loved by chocolate-lovers. As for me, only a teaspoon sealed it. =)

After our meal, we got a a little surprise. Free lemoncello shots!!! (basically lemon + pure alcohol)


Since we were all so full after our scrumptious meal, we decided to take a small tour of the place.


   Inside the restaurant, there was more to see:
Art works, vintage items, wine shop and their deli =)


All in all, it was a good dining experience. The cozy environment, good food, cold weather, the smell of fresh air and the company of good friends made the trip enjoyable. It could be a little bit pricey for some but I think it's reasonable enough for a European inspired gourmet food. Will definitely go back with my family. =)

To view the Chateau Hestia's full menu, visit their website: