Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Juice Ko Po

I just picked up my 2 orders of Tipco Christmas Packs at The Little Store (San Juan). I purchased these from CashCashPinoy for only P150 per pack instead of P299. Isn't it a great deal? I was able to try Cranberry, Beetroot & Broccoli from a freebie at Puregold and I just loved it! A good alternative for softdrinks, coffee and alcohol. =P It is also a perfect gift for health buffs and diet freaks this Christmas. =)

Pack 1 

Pack 2

Based on Tipco's FB page, Tipco is an all-natural beverage without the unnecessary preservatives, flavoring,  coloring and added sugar - just pure juice. 
They are manufactured in Thailand but it is currently being distributed in the Philippines by a local company. The other flavors like Beetroot and Broccoli might sound disgusting but it's actually pretty good. My current favorite is Broccoli. With all the health benefits of these juices, you won't have a hard time making the kiddos drink it because it's really good. If you want to try their yummy flavors, they are available at all supermarkets.   
I can't wait to try all the flavors. Cheers! =)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bejeweled in Black

While walking with my friend Patty at a friend's bachelorette party, my favorite silver shoes suddenly gave up on me. =( I was thinking of buying Mighty Bond at 7-11 just to glue it all back but I was too scared it wouldn't work. To skip all the mess of repairing it, I decided to find another footwear instead. 

Good thing Podium is still open around 9pm and it was just across the venue. Although I had to drag my left foot all the way there and cross ADB Avenue limping just to find a replacement. I was already desperate that I told myself if I find a flip flop I would buy it in a heartbeat =P (Keribels na sa porma) But thanks to Patty for suggesting CMG and we spotted this super cute flats for P1,500. Black suede flats with black 'jewels' and leopard print interior.

There was even a small treat, you could choose the color of your box with some surprise food for thought.
I actually chose cyan but instead they gave me periwinkle but it's good enough for me =)

This is now my go-to footwear because it's comfy, yet stylish. Can't wait to wear it this week!
Hope you loved it as much as I did. Happy Monday =)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lola Look

What to do with a bag of vintage eye wear from grandma and grandpa -- a crazy photoshoot! =P 
Lola Nerdinia, Lola Pormada, Lola Maldita and Lola Astiga =P
Yes I'm just bored like that! Happy Sunday everyone =)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Naturactor Cover Face 140

My kikay must-have is a concealer all because I have panda eyes (dark circles). A make-up artist once suggested to use Naturactor as my concealer/foundation to cover imperfections, dark circles and/or blemishes. I was really amazed on its coverage and how it was easy to apply. The only problem is it's not available in the market. After searching everywhere, I finally found it in a Japanese store named Subarashi at Metrowalk, Ortigas (which I'll be having a separate post soon).     

Since almost everything in the box are in Japanese characters, I got the product description from Meiko Cosmetics Malaysia's website []. They are Meiko's authorized distributor for  Meiko Cosmetics, Inc (JAPAN).

Provides great coverage for skin. It's long lasting and you only need to apply a little to get the perfect skin look.
Special to make up artis and professional use.
Jojoba Oil - helped with the dry and flaky skin
Mica - moisture your skin,in smaller portions will still offer this benefit for youthful looking skin without the added irritation.
Tocopherol, Vitamin E - improving metabolism and immune system skin.
Colors Available:
Colour Guide:
130light color, make pale or dull skin a rosy effect look more youthful,  suitable for very fair skin tone. delicate,especially for bridal make up.
140light in color for slightly deeper color than the 130, suitable for fair skin tone.
141medium color and skin color natural fit yet translucent effect, suitable for fair skin tone as shading. The colour transition of natural, soft, suitable for stage makeup studio makeup. Suitable for medium skin tone.
151Good coverage for face defects and shading, suitable for malay skin tone.
171Green neutralizes any redness on your face, from broken blood vessels, blemishes, irritation etc. It helps inhibit red complexion effectively cover the red spots left by acne.

Good thing the store had testers and I was able to try all shades. At first I thought 151 suits my skin but the girl who sold me the product said it's a bit dark for me. Geez! I spent almost 30 minutes deciding what shade  to buy. 130 was the lightest and I don't think I'm too 'white'. I was torn between 140 and 141 and I couldn't even identify the difference. I just decided to buy 140 based on the makeup artist's suggestion (if I remembered it correctly) since it's good (daw) for fair skin tone. I just hope I chose the right shade and I hope it would work well with my oily skin. It's a bit pricey (P 1,200) but I believe in the good quality of the product and I think this would go a long way. I've been using it for a week now and so far so good. Sorry I couldn't show a before and after pic. =P Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think! =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Starbucks 2013 Planner Sneak Peek

 Just for the record I have never EVER completed the sticker collection. Only my buddy Patrick Patino has been able to fulfill my dream of having one and for 5 years it's been a tradition.

So what's up with this year's planner?
  • covered with leather (with design on cover)
  • it has a magnetic lock on the side to keep it closed
  • starbucks cup magnetic bookmark
  • it now has lines (yey!)
  • free postcard
  • random goals for the day
  • notes section at the back (more yey!)
  • regular free coupons
  • spaces where you can attach pics =)
 Sadly no free pen this year but it's ok. It also comes in white and green. 

Hope you also got your planners =)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Chill

Saturday is usually my 'me time'. Clearly defined as a trip to the mall, a movie or a lunch with a friend. Sunday is usually my laid back day. It's my time for family (including errands) or grocery shopping and my 'downtime' to prepare for the week ahead. If I'm not at home preparing blog posts, reading or watching my favorite series, I just find a cozy place to unwind and relax. Sharing with you my Sunday morning with my dad =) We ordered french toast, ham & cheese croissant and toffee nut frappe while reading the morning paper and enjoying the sunlight through our window.

Hope you all had a great weekend =)

Weekend Eye Candy: Dash of Colors & Lights

A bag of purple-shaded M&Ms =)

Dancing Christmas lights at Ayala Triangle

Walkway Surprise

A lot of people pass by the Dela Rosa walkway (near the parking lot) going to Landmark/ Greenbelt area. But have you noticed the artworks on the walkway's ceiling? It's quite unnoticeable given that a lot of people are in a rush going home. So if in case you're one of the busy people who haven't noticed it yet, here it is!
[Note: Sorry for the poor angle, I almost had a stiff neck taking these pics] 

The artist/s did a great job giving life to the blank spaces. Art truly changes anything. I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how come you haven't seen these before. Yes it's just up there (look up!) The next time you go out, don't forget to take some time to look around, breathe some air, enjoy your walk and you will discover little surprises =) 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coffee - More fun in the Philippines?

After having lunch, I was so full that I was craving coffee to melt everything that I ate. On my way to SBC, I passed by the trade fair happening at the carousel court at festival mall hoping to buy Tantamco's Ube. Unfortunately, there was no ube for me but instead, there was coffee! Who would have thought I'll find coffee there? I have to admit seeing the price convinced me to try it (P10.00/ cup). The sales lady even opened the dispenser to show that it was really brewed. It was Kalinga Brew ground coffee which is a combination of different coffee beans: arabica, robusta and excelsa and is proudly from the Cordillera region.
I have to say Pinoy coffee can match those imported coffee shops. If I'm not mistaken you can buy it for P200.00 (500g pack). In other places that amount would only bring you 2 cups. As for the taste, it had the right mix - not too strong and not too mild. Next on my list will be to try the famous Alamid or "Civet" coffee.  
Eventhough I already have my coffee, I decided to push through with my SBC plan (hehe I sneaked my coffee in) to buy something that would go well with my hot drink (probably a pastry or a cake). I ended up buying cinnamon which I did not really enjoy so I didn't include it in the pic.=P What caught my attention is the beautiful photo wall gallery in the dining area. I really wish I could create something like that for my room. I enjoyed my quiet time sipping my favorite drink, browsing magazines and admiring the view. What a way to cap off my Saturday afternoon!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Asian Unity in Diversity Exhibit

A photo contest was organized by Asia Society Philippine Foundation Inc. together with Shangri-La Plaza, AirAsia, Inc., Metrobank and Smart Infinity Business group. I dropped by Edsa Shangri-la last November 3 to check it out. There were selected judges who will have the final say but viewers can vote for their favorite entry to win the People's Choice Award. So I grabbed the pen got a ballot and voted. The photos were all beautiful and inspiring but I could only vote for one so I chose the photo entitled "Unity in Anonymity" by Michael Steven Ibarra.

I'm not an artist nor an expert or anything but I liked the against-the-light effect which shadowed the faces of the children. In unity, there's really no selection nor judgment. It happens when the people are all overpowered by the will to be as one. You don't look at one's race, gender, religion or background. In the picture you will just see the silhouette of the children hand-in-hand but not knowing their identity. For me this perfectly matched the theme.

[Note: Dear Mr Ibarra, I hope I'm not violating anything by sharing this.] 

I would also like to congratulate all those who joined as they were all deserving to win. =)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Eye Candy: Dreaming of a White Christmas

Saw this at Edsa Shangri-la mall. (Rustans g/f) last weekend.
Who said Christmas is just red, green or gold?
No ornaments just plain lights on a white tree, yet it was a lovely sight. =)

Sound Check with Sony

I don't think I'm the only person who had several earphones. As far as I can remember I think I've had 4 or 5 already. I have used 2 ipod earphones, my third is a generic one and the latest was my favorite Sony earphones which lasted about three years and so far the one that lasted longest. After three years the left side suddenly didn't work. I still kept it but after a while it felt uneven so I had to buy a new one. Since Sony is my trusted brand, I decided to get the same pair and this time in lime green. 
Highly Recommended: Sony Stereo Headphones MDR-E9LP Lime Green P495 @ Octagon (comes in different colors) -- if you're looking for a good one and pasok sa budget! =P

I told myself I'll make this last longer than my old one. So for those music lovers and who just can't enough of their ipods/mp3 players (like me) here are some tips to take care of your precious earphones.

1. Control volume - Most of the time keeping it in high volumes could blow up the speakers. This could help prevent losing your eardrums as well =P

2.  Tangle-free - if it's always tangled, there's a tendency that you would have to pull it which could break the wires inside. A cable organizer/roller like my 'pink doughnut' could help.

3. Case - Lastly, put it in a nice case to keep it away from dirt and water.

Hope this helped you. Enjoy your sound trip! =)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

MSCI Halloween 2012

Our office had our first official Halloween party wherein teams were grouped by different themes (rhyming pa). Let's have a short tour and check out what used to be our workspace =P 

Theme: The Addams Family (I'm proud to say that this was our team's creative work)
Hands down to my colleagues who created the door.
The family portrait of the Addams Family fronting our living room.
Our spooky dining room
and ofcourse the bedroom
As for the creepy lady, I'll tell you about that later.
Meet the Addams Family
Theme: Nightmare Before Christmas

Theme: Plants vs Zombies

Theme: Shake, Rattle and Roll
Someone is back from the dead
Remember the alien-looking monster who comes out in the toilet? Thats the "Undin" and the manananggal's other half (literally)
The creepy voodoo altar 
Theme: Scooby Doo
Too bad I wasn't able to capture all the themes.=( (Ghostbusters, Monsters Inc, Hellboy etc)
There were also fun games for the kids c/o Mcdonalds, face painting for everyone and endless treats =)
 The cute kids wearing their costumes.
 As for my costume, I dressed up as a lady in a funeral being a relative of the Addams family.
I just wore a sheer black top c/o grandma, a black long skirt c/o auntie belle, bought a headdress (P45) and a half yard black tulle fabric (P95) as veil at Carolina's and an old black headband. I only had to put baby powder on my face to make me extra white and a dark red lipstick. 
After the snacks, we just went crazy taking photos:

It was a super fun event and it was even more fun for the kids because they took home a lot of candies (inggit?) Til our next halloween party. =)

Photo Credits:
Pics grabbed from Sir Chris Garcia, Sir Lloyd of SCAS, Cheryl Tiu and Julie Borlongan.