Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to School Kikay Tools

June has officially started and that can only mean two things: it's the beginning of rainy season and kids will be back in school. For those who love kawaii stuff, check out these places where you can get super cute items to complete your school gear.

*['Kawaii' - a Japanese term meaning pretty, cute, lovely, charming]

Why stick to the usual boring stuff when it could be fun (and oh so lovely) =P

These items are from Landmark Department Store (Makati) and are very affordable. Their stuff are also perfect for gifts.

This is not a bookstore but this is in Saizen (Robinsons Galleria). All items are P85 each. The good thing is they don't just have items for school but they have stuff for the house, for the car, for the office, toys and food as well. 

I suddenly missed going to school and how I wrapped my books in colorful wrappers and my complete set of gel pens and highlighters. (My school stuff made me excited to go to school haha)

These quirky finds will surely amp up your campus life.
Start your school year with a bang. Be different. Standout. =) 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Make Up Sale

Want to look fab but on a tight budget? Check out some branded makeup at discounted prices!

A.     Golden Ratio Contour Maker #02 Pink
Original Price – Php 518.40         
Selling for – Php 450.00

B.     Rose Marble Peach Blush
Original Price – Php 478.00
Selling for Php 380.00

C.     Sweet Eye Cupcake
Original Price – Php 318.40
Selling for Php 255.00

D.    Peach Beam Blusher
Original Price – Php 382.40       
 Selling for – Php 300.00

A.1 L’oreal True Match Makeup Base – 30 ml
Original Price – Php 425.00
Selling for – Php 350.00

A.2 Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream 50 g
Original Price – Php 1,200
Selling for Php 700.00

B. L'oreal True Match 30 ml
G3- Golden Beige – used only once
Original Price – Php 995.00
Selling for – Php – 750.00

C. Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation 10g (36 M)
Porcelain & Toffee
Original Price – Php 795.00
Selling for Php 650.00

D. Liquid Foundation – Loreal True Match 30ml – (12m)
Sealed with price tag – Php 995.00
Selling for Php – Php 800.00
Left to Right : N1 – Nude Ivory, R2 – Apricot Ivory, N4 –Nude Beige, N7 – Nude Amber

E. Revlon Custom Creations 30ml (24months)
Light Medium – sealed, never been used
Adjustable dial to customize shade
Original Price – Php 875.00
Selling for – Php 700.00

F. The Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer – 64 ml
Never been used
Original Price – Php 975
Selling for Php 700
G.  Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer – LIGHT
Note: Used only once
Original Price – Php 1,150.00
Selling for Php 900.00

NYX Round Lipsticks - P120.00 each
Indian Pink

Left: The Body Shop Limited Collection for Eyes Selling for Php 900.00

Upper Right (in order):
The Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer - Selling for Php 500.00
The Body Shop Illuminating Face Base - Selling for Php 700.00
 The Face Shop Acne Solution Concealer - Selling for Php 300.00

Lower Right:
The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes - Selling for Php 400.00

 Dollface Cosmetics

Upper Photo: 32 Shimmer Eyeshadow with Blusher (never been used)
Original Price: Php 950
Selling Price: Php 750

Lower Photo:  Blusher (never been used)
Original Price: Php 850.00
Selling Price: Php 680.00

Smashbox Master's Class - never been used
Original Price - P 3,200
Selling for P 2,800

Bobbi Brown Collection

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful - never been used
Original Price: Php 3,000.00
Selling Price: Php 2,700.00

Country woods Eyeshadow Palette (Brand new, sealed)
Selling for Php 400.00

 PALLADIO Shimmer Strips (Brand new, sealed)
Original Price - Php 450.00
Selling for Php 380.00

 ELF Bronzing Powder
Warm Tan & Luminance
Selling for P 180.00 each

REVLON Blush & Bronzer (used once only)
Plumberry Prun
Original price: Php 575.00
Selling price: Php 450.00

Top photo: NYX Rouge Cream Blush (never been used)
Rose Petal
Bronze Goddess

Original Price - Php 330.00
Selling Price - Php 280.00

Bottom Photo: NYX Rouge Cream Blush (used)
Natural - Php 180.00
Orange - Php 280.00

 IN2IT Face Powder Oil Control
#03 Harvest (never been used)
Original Price: Php 379.75
Selling Price: Php 275.00

 Revlon Just Bitten (Flame) - Lipstain + Balm
Original Price: Php 575.00
Selling for Php 480.00


Revlon Colorstay
Brown Enhancer + Highlighter
Medium Brown + Soft Pink (sealed) - Php 480.00
Light brown + Champagne - Php 420.00

Covergirl All-day Lip Color (semi-permanent)
Ever Red-dy
Selling for Php 400.00

Note: There are some items which are slightly used and is noted in the caption.
If you're interested, please contact Iking at 09178106393.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shiny Shimmering Shoes: Mia Gray (Shoebox & Me)

I know that men's wear is becoming a trend for women's fashion. From the boyfriend shirts to men's flats aka loafers. I'm not the fashionista type and I'm more of the comfort over looks type thus I'm really digging men's stuff. When going to the office and you're wearing something smart casual (long sleeved polo and skinny jeans), it's nice to match with some comfy footwear like loafers instead of killer heels. It's also perfect if you're wearing leggings or shorts.

The look:

Women's Jackie Penny Loafer Steel Metallic Leath $86

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Loafers - Glenda Metallic $67

I got my dark gray metallic loafers (Style: Mia) from Shoebox & Me (Robinsons Galleria) for P899. At first I was hesitant to buy it because I wasn't sure if I could work with something metallic and I didn't want something flashy but with its dark gray shade I thought it wouldn't be so bad.

I've tried this last weekend as I was walking around Makati and it was so comfy! Definitely a good buy. I just hope it would last =)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Healthy Hearty Meal

Why is Pho Hoa my go-to healthy place? You'll be assured to have a well-balanced meal. Also their dishes are naturally flavored by fresh vegetables and  herbs with the right mix of your favorite meat toppings.

I ordered minced chicken and mushroom with lettuce wrap with hoisin sauce.
The lettuce wrap was very fresh and crispy while the minced chicken and mushroom was so tasty. It was filled with chopped carrots making it more healthy. It was a perfect low-carb meal.

My brother ordered COM TOM THIT  NUONG - Grilled Pork & Shrimp w/ Rice.
Not much of veggies but less oil for the dish because both the shrimp and pork were grilled. The original recipe is supposed to be vermicelli noodles instead of rice but being a pinoy, it's good for me.

One of the best spring rolls I've ever tasted. So fresh, crispy and tasty =P

Since I wanted to add some 'hotness' in my meals, I poured some 'sriracha' (more like their hot sauce).
Their lemon juice was indeed fresh =)

Ofcourse it won't be complete without having pho (soup) since it was their specialty and it was perfect for the rainy evening. We ordered Pho Do Vien (seafood noodle soup). It had some shrimp and fish balls.
It comes with a plate of additional fresh flavorings like basil leaves, bean sprouts and lime to add taste.

I loved Pho Hoa, I'll definitely go back to have a scrumptious, and guilt-less meal =)

Shot at Pho Hoa Wilson Street, San Juan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Caingin Fiesta at San Rafael, Bulacan

During the first sunday of May, residents of Caingin, San Rafael Bulacan, celebrate their 'fiesta'.
We were invited by some of my mom's relatives as they would be preparing their special dishes.
We first dropped by the Sto. Cristo Parish as it was known to be miraculous.

Outside the church, there were vendors selling calasiao and suman.

In the Philippines, only one thing is certain when it comes to celebrating fiestas, and that is overflowing food.

Seafood, lechong baka, sinampalukang manok and home-made langka ice cream were just some of the dishes served. 

And ofcourse, no celebration would be complete without videoke!=)

I'm proud to say that our relatives were all talented singers. When I was asked if I could give a 'sample', I told them I would rather dance instead (and in my head I was planning to do the running man =P).

I ate a lot of shrimp and I surprisingly liked the home-made langka ice cream though I dont eat langka. It was a fun and filling day and I hope to be back next year =)