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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

I was asked by my friend/makeup guru JK to join her little experiment on how a certain lip product would last. She introduced me to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar. It somehow reminded me of Lancome's Juicy Tubes. 

I first tried on Memento which is a pink/plum neutral shade. At first look you would think it's nude but its a light shade of pink. It turned out to be lighter than I expected but I liked it. It made me feel youthful and it's perfect for a barely there makeup. 
The second shade that I tried is Strumpet which is a deep-red burgundy shade. We used it with Art Deco's lip liner. Tip: You need to apply it with a lip brush for good and even coverage. I rarely wear dark shades since I usually don't go out at night but this shade is really pretty. A good sub for your favorite red lipstick that makes you feel sexy =P. I felt a bit shy wearing it at first because people in the office might ask me saan ang gimik ko but later on I had the hang of it.
+ A small bead-size amount goes a long way. 
+ I liked it because it is highly pigmented like I'm wearing lipstick. 
+ There was no oily/wet feeling like in an ordinary lip gloss. 
- It stays on like a normal lipstick, and while its is known to last longer, we were a bit disappointed that after a few meals, the color began to fade. 
+/- It's also good that it wasn't drying because according to OCC, it has Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E, but it makes the lines on your lips more noticeable. 
+ You can also mix the colors to create a new shade. 
- Another downside is you can only buy these from online sellers since they don't have an actual store here in the Phil. 
+/- Price is around P800 which is a bit expensive. But again, you only a need a bead-size amount so I think a tube would last a couple of months if you would use it everyday =)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pure Beauty @ Serendra

Starting your 2013 goal to look fabulous and don’t know where to start? I suggest you should start with your ‘tools’ to make it happen by shopping for new beauty products. Call your kikay best friend and go to Pure Beauty at Serendra. They offer different products like makeup, hair accessories, nail polish and other beauty essentials but they only offer limited brands such as Nyx, Revlon, Graftobian, Shiseido, Red Earth, Charm, Aveeno, Temptu, Goody, Orly, Wet N Wild, L.A. Colors, Ben Nye, Bdellium Tools, Burt’s Bees and products from Make-up Designory. This is a shopping haven for makeup artists as they also sell makeup train cases, Zuca Pro Makeup Bags and airbrush cosmetics. Since most products are imported, the prices would be average to high. Also, when I went there last week, there seems to be a problem with the store's air conditioning system. I hope it's only temporary as the room temp could affect the quality of the products and it might affect the customers. I also had difficulties in choosing what to buy because they don’t have testers and most products are out of stock. =( You can also try their new shopping website but it seems they only have a few products available online as compared to what they have in the store. 

Have you shopped for your 2013 beauty essentials? Share what's inside your kikay kits! Have an awesome weekend! =)