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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Gentleman's Dignity

Top 5 reasons why I got hooked with this Korean Series
(Warning: May include spoilers)

A Gentleman's Dignity is a romantic-comedy series about 4 men in their 40's who have been friends since they were around 18 and their different struggles in life, work, and love. If you come to think of it, it's like a male version of Sex and the City. =P

1. Handsome actors 
Jang Dong-Gun - Who wouldn't fall in love with Architect Kim Do-Jin? He may be a bit arrogant but his charm to win Seo I-Soo's heart just made my heart melt =P
Kim Min-jong - I know he's not the pretty boy type or the manly type but I find him really cute. Being a lawyer in the series, most of the time he was serious but there were moments that he became really emotional and funny.
2. Hilarious Moments
a.) Episode 5 Prologue - As the boys were talking about their favorite SNSD members, Yoon insists to talk about serious matters. Suddenly Jung-rok spots Sooyoung of SNSD enter the shop and they all admired her. Suddenly they realized Yoon disappeared beside them only to see Yoon asking for Soo-Young's autograph and even dancing and singing SNSD songs and the three guys were left stunned and embarrassed. 
b.) Episode 2 Prologue - The boys spot a girl in mini skirt bending over and they all lowered their heads to peek.  

c.) They met a young girl in a club and they mentioned that she looked like one of their ex-classmates. When the girl asked how they knew his father, they all ran.

3. Adorable outfits
Some of the characters like Yoon Jin-I and Kim Ha-neul became trend setters after the show has been aired. I just loved their outfits!

I also noticed Kim Do-Jin's nice fashion sense. 
4. "Kilig" (Sweet) Moments
Episode 12:  Do-Jin pats her gently until she falls asleep. (my favorite scene)
Episode 9: Construction at Yi Soo's apartment
Episode 18: Kim Do-jin helping Seo I-soo paint her new apartment

Episode 11: Being officially together, Yi Soo drops by Do Jin's office and they talk via phone as they can see each other through the window. 

Episode 07: She is trying to get the recorder from Do-Jin and they both fell on the couch. In embarrassment, she covers her face on Do-Jin's chest and Do-Jin was stunned.

From Episode 17 - Do Jin apologizes for pretending that he did not love him when he really did, for acting like he could break up with her when he actually couldn’t, and making her cry a lifetime’s worth of tears all at once. He informs her that today will be the last day he says “I’m sorry” and that he’ll only say “I love you” from now on. [Recap from] -- my 2nd favorite scene =)

Episode 6: The first kiss that made her realize what she really feels. The background was so romantic =)
Episode 20: The proposal - this is definitely one of the cutest proposals everrr =)

5. Beautiful locations and interiors
This series featured different places in Korea and I just love all their apartments!!=)
I think this was shot at Belle Amie - Bojeong-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Mango Six
Their workplaces and pads were just too elegant =)
How I wish I could have the same room as Yi-Soo's =)
Everyone got their own happy endings =)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures but were just compiled from different sources. If you recognize anything here as being subject to any form of protection, please notify me and it will be removed immediately.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Inspired by Masterchef Christine Ha

One Thursday afternoon, I went to our pantry to wash my mug and someone left the big LCD TV on  showing re-runs of Masterchef Season 3. Since they were all making apple pie and I was already starting to drool, I decided to sit down and listen to what Gordon Ramsay had to say. When it came down to this contestant who was being assisted on the stand, I just realized that she could not see. I think I left my mouth open while Gordon was describing how wonderful her apple pie turned out. Later on, tears were already flowing from my eyes as Gordon was telling the contestant to stop being upset with herself and to start believing in herself more. I immediately had to get paper towels to wipe my tears or else I would look crazy crying in our office pantry. Upon checking her standing on the Masterchef website, I found out she also won the title of Masterchef which ended last month (sorry if I spoiled anyone).

Thanks to Youtube I would be able to share to you her auditions for Masterchef and the apple pie challenge.

I myself don't know how to cook that's why I was very very impressed that she was able to create those wonderful dishes just by memory. I love her positive outlook in life and how she makes use of her talents. Her smile and the brightness of her eyes are full of hope and not everybody has that. Most of us back down or just isolate ourselves when challenges come our way but she does everything she can to be the best she can be and that is just outstanding. I was also touched by how her husband supports her. I would love to meet Christine someday and I would love to try her dishes. In the meantime, I'm following her blog as I join her in her cooking adventures