Saturday, October 20, 2012

Inspired by Masterchef Christine Ha

One Thursday afternoon, I went to our pantry to wash my mug and someone left the big LCD TV on  showing re-runs of Masterchef Season 3. Since they were all making apple pie and I was already starting to drool, I decided to sit down and listen to what Gordon Ramsay had to say. When it came down to this contestant who was being assisted on the stand, I just realized that she could not see. I think I left my mouth open while Gordon was describing how wonderful her apple pie turned out. Later on, tears were already flowing from my eyes as Gordon was telling the contestant to stop being upset with herself and to start believing in herself more. I immediately had to get paper towels to wipe my tears or else I would look crazy crying in our office pantry. Upon checking her standing on the Masterchef website, I found out she also won the title of Masterchef which ended last month (sorry if I spoiled anyone).

Thanks to Youtube I would be able to share to you her auditions for Masterchef and the apple pie challenge.

I myself don't know how to cook that's why I was very very impressed that she was able to create those wonderful dishes just by memory. I love her positive outlook in life and how she makes use of her talents. Her smile and the brightness of her eyes are full of hope and not everybody has that. Most of us back down or just isolate ourselves when challenges come our way but she does everything she can to be the best she can be and that is just outstanding. I was also touched by how her husband supports her. I would love to meet Christine someday and I would love to try her dishes. In the meantime, I'm following her blog as I join her in her cooking adventures   

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