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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beaten Bieber

Sorry for the false alarm Beliebers, but this is just a magazine cover for Complex Magazine. JB just turned 18 and I guess he is also changing his teeny bopper image to a more mature one. Why the bloody cover? From the  statement "Growing Pains" I guess he already knows how hard it is being in the entertainment industry with such a young age. Anyway, he's just halfway there, there's more to come, so better be ready Biebs =P


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bye-Bye Britannica =(

Back in the days when the internet was only limited to MIRC chats and google was not yet existing, I used our encyclopedia to do research. I still remember the old smell of the pages and how heavy it was to carry a 'book' which only covered subjects starting with letter A. I still remember how fragile the pages were and how my mom would always remind me to slowly turn the pages so as not to tear them. I kind of miss the days when I was in our elementary/highschool library to do school work.

I recently saw an article saying that Britannica will no longer print copies after 244 years and they will now solely be digital. I'm quite nostalgic about it since it was a huge part of my student life. Also, it still feels different when you have it on hand than seeing it on your monitor. Everything's being replaced by the internet now but it's also nice to look back on how it was before. I'm thankful that we have our own copy. I will truly treasure it even though a lot of people think it's obsolete. Our encyclopedia will now be antique. =)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Crocs 2012 'Everyday' Collection

Crocs is known for being a comfortable footwear than for being fashionable. Mainly because their launching product is the traditional clogs which are mostly worn by children and the not so young ones. This year Crocs has changed their image from being the conventional go-to comfort shoes to the more casual and fashionable everyday wear.
Now you wouldn't be ashamed of wearing Crocs in public. Their new collection has brighter colors with modern styles but still with the same comfort. The price range would be P1,000-P5,000 depending on the style. To check the prices, visit their site -


Monday, February 27, 2012

A Different Katy Perry

Katy Perry 'Interview' cover
Looking at the picture alone, you wouldn't recognize who this A-list celebrity is. You would probably think that she looks like Amy Winehouse (because of the cat-eyes and black teased-up hair) or probably some ad from Guess (black and white effect with sexy model). Who would have thought it would be no other than Katy Perry? Katy Perry is known for her fun, vibrant, and outrageous fashion sense. She usually performs or walks the red carpet with her themed dresses and to top it off, her brightly colored hair. This photo is very stunning because not only did she look extremely gorgeous, but a more serious and glamorous side of her personality is shown. This would probably make Russel regret letting her go. 

Photo credits: r-20100607&docid=sriF40qGQyw_8M&imgurl=