Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shang Palace

My Lola's 90th birthday was celebrated at Shang Palace. It is Makati Shangri-la's fine dining restaurant offering Cantonese cuisine. Just from the entrance, you can already feel the luxurious ambiance because of the beautiful chandeliers, the red carpet, the wooden latticework designs and the beautifully-decorated walls. It felt like I was in an emperor's palace =) 

Our appetizer:

Crispy Roast Peking Duck with Chinese Pancake

This meal got my appetite rolling. The skin was very crunchy and the hint of vegetables was perfect and it added to the crispness. There was enough sauce to make it tasty. The chinese pancake (more like chinese style unleavened bread) was not too thick and not oily which I really liked. 

Braised Corn Soup with Chicken

Steamed Lapu-Lapu

Deep fried spareribs with fragrant garlic
This was a bit salty.

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken coated with Almond Flakes in Lemon Sauce

Minced Duck's Meat served with lettuce

This no-carb meal was very tasty and the lettuce cups were crunchy.

Hot Prawn Salad

This is one of their best-sellers and definitely my favorite. I love shrimps and they sure had VERY plump ones. It was topped with mixed fruits and it was covered with mayonnaise. I'm not a fan of pineapple in hot dishes so I just hoped there was none haha! It was a bit sweet and sour and some people may not like it.  

Chilled Almond Jelly with Fruits

It took a little while for our orders to arrive (because we ordered a lot) but their food was truly for royal guests considering the taste, their servings and the price haha! Good venue for special occasions as they have 11 private rooms and they have cozy booths (perfect for dates) =P

Shang Palace is located at Level 2, Makati Shangri-la Hotel 

Monday, Cheeseday, Wednesday...

It was actually Friday and I can't think of a place without meat. When a friend suggested to eat at Taco Bell, my saliva started to ooze out just thinking about burritos and tacos. But I had to control the urge and opted for something within the rules. Good thing they have Lenten specials.

They also have a new product: 5 Cheese Pocket Wrap which I ordered.

[Note: the chicked burrito was for my friend, it's not included in the meal =P]
The cheese wrap (right) is indeed pocket-sized. It was quite small but it was filled with so much cheese and tomatoes and what I believe is cilantro. The crispy nachos were filling and the dip was just enough. Their nachos were quite different because it wasn't the usual thick corn tortilla chips. I'm not sure, but I think their chips are baked which is a plus =) Since I eat in small portions, it was good enough for me. But if you're really hungry, I think you should order 2 =P Overall, I really liked it, for P99.00, it's a good snack =) 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sneaky Sneaky

I would love to have this in my room being the sneaky person that I am (hihihi =P)

A perfect place to store my journals, my artsy stuff, old photo albums, scrapbooks and letters.

No more tangled cords, no phone slip ups and no charger stealers (haha)  

Shy (our dog) could have a spot in our room yey!

Mirror, mirror on the wall plus a hidden treasure chest of neatly hanged accessories =) 

Isn't this neat? Your room would not look overstuffed because everything is hidden.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


We all want to look and feel good. This is why we buy products and cosmetics that would make our skin look better, our hair softer and generally improve our over-all condition and appearance. But does it really help us? I got this from a kikay friend to remind me that not all products are safe and we should keep an eye on certain chemicals found in our beauty products which may cause harm.
So have you checked what’s your favorite shampoo made of? How about your gorgeous red lipstick? Better raid your dresser and check your make up collection and all your other beauty weapons as well. We may not feel the bad effects now but after prolonged use, the harmful effects could be slowly crawling in. Better be safe than sorry kikay friends. Use this chart as a guide to know the chemicals to avoid and its safer alternatives =)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Take a picture!

I used to take pictures of myself whenever I travel alone and during my vain moments (good hair day or good makeup day haha!). The end result: no beautiful scenery and just my enlarged forehead and high cheekbones occupying the entire photo. I know I'm not really photogenic to expect good results but sometimes it's frustrating not to have that picture that you would approve uploading as your profile pic. This video would surely give you tips on how to get that perfect shot when all you have is yourself as your camera man.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bad Stamps

I just find them funny. Not cool if I see them on my work. =P

These self-inking stamps are from Each costs $9.

Not an ideal gift for your boss or your teacher haha =P

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Go Nude This Summer

Summer is not just for fun and vibrant colors but for fresh and cool hues such as Nude. I like nude because it's adaptable to any style and you can it match with any color. Its not too plain, nor too loud. It's girly, and the color reflects comfort and chicness. It's quite unique because it's hard to define what shade it is as it can have touches of pink or brown. Nude is also close to our skin color making it look more natural and clean.nude summer

nude summer  <Polyvore>

Scoop neck top
£5 -

Closed denim top
£84 -

Plunging neckline top
$53 -

YVY jersey knit top
$190 -

D G draped top
$235 -

Vince cuffed shorts
£395 -

KATHARINE HAMNETT highwaisted shorts
$68 -

H&M rubber soled shoes
£15 -

Anya Hindmarch leather bag
£895 -

Vince Camuto buckle belt
$48 -

Jimmy choo sunglasses
$232 -

Lip makeup