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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Simple Look for a Roaring 1920's Party

The theme for our 2013 Year-End Party was The Great Gatsby (Roaring 20's). Since I didn't want to spend a lot for a new costume, I just worked with the stuff I have in my closet and borrowed some items and bought a P20 headband to get the look.
With a plain black dress, I just used a lot of accessories to be a 'flapper girl'.

1. A fascinator (borrowed)
2. Chandelier earrings
3. Beaded Headband (bought at P20)
4. Gloves
5. Feather Boa (borrowed)
6. Long Pearl Necklace
7. Strappy Sandals


Too bad the curling iron didn't work on me. A red/ dark lipstick could also make you look more dramatic.
I know it looks really simple but I still fit in the 1920's right?
What's your Christmas party theme for this year? Let me know your plans for your costume =) 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Alonso Mateo: The Swaggest Kid

Do you know Alonso Mateo? Sounds like a hunk model right? But he’s not. He is just a 5-year old boy who is making his name in the Instagram world. While regular kids wear jerseys, stained shirts, or jumpers, this kid is already wearing Dior, Tom Ford, Gucci and All Saints. He's the youngest fashion icon being followed by 30,000 followers. His fame began when his mother, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, a free-lance stylist, started posting photos of his looks on her own account.
The below photos are my favorite looks from his Instagram

I'm amazed that in a young age, he already has a keen eye for good style while most boys are still busy being a kid. He makes the word 'stylish' look so easy and effortless. I noticed that he poses like a pro and he was born to strut! His funny faces, smirks, pouts and his big smiles will always make you see the essence of him being a kid making him even more adorable.
 Move over JT, Ryan Gosling, Biebs, Zac Efron and David Beckham. 
I think someone's bagging the awards for best dressed male and style icon of the year =)

Photos are from his instagram account. Discovgraphies creates no claim or credit for images featured on this post unless otherwise noted. 
All visual content is copyrighted to it's respectful owners. If you own rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear here, please contact me and they will be promptly removed.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stradivarius at Glorietta 2

As Glorietta 2 re-opened its doors to a new and bigger space, they also brought new concept stores to the Philippines such as Stradivarius, which is a women's clothing brand from Spain. 

Their items looked casual and chic =) From left to right: Safari and Boho styles =)
If you're looking for the perfect denim chambray, you can get them here. They have it in different shades (dark, medium & light). If you need something for work, or to go for a preppy look, you will surely love their colorful light knit wear.
Brighten up your wardrobe with colorful denims for P1,290.
Pair a plain top with a funky printed bottoms.          Colorful sleeveless tops perfect for summer.
Accessorize to spice up your look. Unfortunately they only have several pieces to choose from.
More casual 3/4 striped blouses in different colors and more bright shirts. I'm into 3/4 blouses because it makes my arms look slimmer. =)
+/- Prices range from P500-P2000+  which is more affordable compared to Zara
 - They don't have stuff for men
- Not much accessories
+ colorful, trendy and wearable items
+ accessible

Visit them at Glorietta 2 (near entrance to Landmark) Happy Shopping! =)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday Vibe

Merry Christmas Everyone!! =)
Thanks Jo for my Christmas dress =)
Don't know what to wear on this special day? Here are some my favorite party-perfect holiday (dream) get-up picks:

1. The Sparkler Tee $ 48.00 from pinned by Justina Blakeney
2. Pretty in Pink - ("I'm just a Summer Girl" created by sbigg11)
Glamorous Coral Ruffle Bib Dress by

3. ASOS Christmas Sweater with Mistletoe Detail $ 56.29
Go Casual in these cute sweater and pair it with leggings/skinny jeans/skirt/short shorts 
4. Pretty Sequins Collar White Shirt. Ladies Long Sleeves Work Top
Let me know what's your holiday style! Enjoy =)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bejeweled in Black

While walking with my friend Patty at a friend's bachelorette party, my favorite silver shoes suddenly gave up on me. =( I was thinking of buying Mighty Bond at 7-11 just to glue it all back but I was too scared it wouldn't work. To skip all the mess of repairing it, I decided to find another footwear instead. 

Good thing Podium is still open around 9pm and it was just across the venue. Although I had to drag my left foot all the way there and cross ADB Avenue limping just to find a replacement. I was already desperate that I told myself if I find a flip flop I would buy it in a heartbeat =P (Keribels na sa porma) But thanks to Patty for suggesting CMG and we spotted this super cute flats for P1,500. Black suede flats with black 'jewels' and leopard print interior.

There was even a small treat, you could choose the color of your box with some surprise food for thought.
I actually chose cyan but instead they gave me periwinkle but it's good enough for me =)

This is now my go-to footwear because it's comfy, yet stylish. Can't wait to wear it this week!
Hope you loved it as much as I did. Happy Monday =)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lola Look

What to do with a bag of vintage eye wear from grandma and grandpa -- a crazy photoshoot! =P 
Lola Nerdinia, Lola Pormada, Lola Maldita and Lola Astiga =P
Yes I'm just bored like that! Happy Sunday everyone =)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loco Over Casio Retro

I’ve been borrowing my brothers’ stuff ever since I can remember. From shirts, to caps, belts, accessories and anything that I would find interesting. Every time I don’t feel like wearing anything in my closet, I would just go to their room,  and  check out their stuff haha =P They end up wondering why the top I’m wearing seems so familiar (haha sorry!). Then, I started noticing my older brother’s peculiar collection of old watches. I knew they were already out of style but I still borrowed it to complete my usual casual and/or sporty look. Surprisingly, he’s not the only one who is fond of retro watches, even my office colleagues are also part of the vintage-lovin’ bandwagon:
Let me start with my older brother's stuff:
(From left to right):
A. Casio Vintage Retro Gold Digital Watch A168WG A168 
B. Casio DBC-610GA-1DF Gold Retro Databank Watch
C. Casio Retro Style Digital Watch F-91W

This is my younger brother's watch which he just bought two weeks ago:
Casio Databank / Calculator 437 438 Black

A lot of watches from my boys right? Here are more awesome watches from my cool colleagues:

That's PD wearing his shiny and brand new silver Casio Retro A168 watch 
Meet Lovely. She's wearing a Casio 643 A300U "World Time" which was handed down from her mom =)

and last but not the least,

meet the ever-stylish Draco wearing Casio Databank (DBC-610A-1) metal band in silver

I know I don't have the eye for vintage stuff but while I was preparing for this post, I was surprised to know that my very own watch was also a Casio classic:
Mine was a Casio W800HG-9AV. It's quite big because it's for men haha. I like big watches and I'm one of the boys =P

I think this is the newest fashion trend. I visited a Casio store recently and I heard they are getting a lot of orders for these kinds of watches. They said it would take a while for the orders since they would get them from Japan. If I'm not mistaken, I think these watches are also being sold in Hong Kong because I saw some of these when I went there last June. =) Unfortunately, there are limited shops here in the Phil which offer vintage models. I got mine from an old watch store called "Citizen Emporium" in Manila a few years ago. I wanted to go back but I heard from my dad that they already moved (boohoo). Most of these watches were bought online.  So if you're digging this look, you can check Ebay or Multiply. You can also ask around because there are some people who directly sell these stuff. Prices range from P900-P4000 depending on the seller. =P Not bad right? Also, Casio is known for its quality that's why it would really be worth it. So, are you joining the club? =)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Funky Find: Starry Starry Belt

A gray belt filled with stars from Genevieve Gozum only for P60.00 =)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Would 'Eye' Wear?

I was watching the movie “This Means War” and saw this scene with Reese Witherspoon entering the office and I noticed her eye wear. I just loved it! It’s not too thick, it had design and she still looks classy and stylish. 

I’m wondering how some people wear those big eyeglasses without looking nerdy. Even famous celebrities are sporting that look but they still look fabulous. 

Anne Hathaway in Gucci Eye Wear

I’ve been wearing my normal red eye glasses since my old one got broken and I think it's making me look older or geeky. (Teacher Mgx?)
Looking geeky at Hong Kong Airport
I know I can buy contact lenses but eye glasses seems more practical and convenient especially being in front of the monitor the whole day. I want to try those big nerdy eye glasses since it's quite big to cover the entire eye area and it looks really comfortable to wear. Do you think I could pull it off or will it make me look worse? =P