Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monday, Cheeseday, Wednesday...

It was actually Friday and I can't think of a place without meat. When a friend suggested to eat at Taco Bell, my saliva started to ooze out just thinking about burritos and tacos. But I had to control the urge and opted for something within the rules. Good thing they have Lenten specials.

They also have a new product: 5 Cheese Pocket Wrap which I ordered.

[Note: the chicked burrito was for my friend, it's not included in the meal =P]
The cheese wrap (right) is indeed pocket-sized. It was quite small but it was filled with so much cheese and tomatoes and what I believe is cilantro. The crispy nachos were filling and the dip was just enough. Their nachos were quite different because it wasn't the usual thick corn tortilla chips. I'm not sure, but I think their chips are baked which is a plus =) Since I eat in small portions, it was good enough for me. But if you're really hungry, I think you should order 2 =P Overall, I really liked it, for P99.00, it's a good snack =) 

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