Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's Sa-Wrap! =)

I may already have shared with you my love for bread, and sandwiches but I think I may have forgotten to add wraps. Who would not love wraps? It's a perfect meal if you're on the go and if you are not in the mood for rice.  
I have recently discovered Kebab Turki Baba Rafi at Dela Rosa 1 Carpark thanks to my friend Chin. I ordered cheese beef kebab (P 90.00) which I absolutely loved because the beef inside was tender and the tortilla wrap was perfectly heated. I also ordered their Sweet Tamarind juice, which I know sounds a little bit odd but it was actually good. You will taste a lot of sourness in your first sip but you'll get the hang of it and will eventually taste like iced tea as you finish your big cup. I also loved the packaging which has a pull-out string at the back to help you 'eject' the wrap from the box without the mess.  


Next is Wrap Battle's Chicken Pesto Wrap P100 at Cucina Andare (Glorietta 3 Carpark). I've never seen a wrap this huge and stuffed. Definitely worth it! It's a bit messy to eat because the ingredients are falling all over the place and the olive oil from the pesto sauce started to leak on the bottom. But when you get to taste it, you wouldn't care how messy it would be because it's so good. Plus, it's also healthy! If you only want a light snack, you could share it with someone because I was already full half-way through the wrap =) I can't wait to try their other best-seller - the beef nacho wrap.

 I'm sure I got you hungry again. Try them out and get addicted to wraps like me. Happy Sunday! =)

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