Sunday, December 2, 2012

On the First Day of Xmas

On the first of December, before we all get busy with the holiday season, my college friends and I decided to have our annual Christmas get together at Vic's house and we all brought good food to share.
A xmas party would not be complete without gift-giving. Special thanks to for helping us with the 'bunutan' for our exchange gift =) 
Thanks to my mommy Steph for the lovely gift =)
I was so happy to get Kai as my baby because we share the same interests including my gift for her - 2013 Filed Doodle Planner =)
and more more gifts =)
It was a fun-filled night as usual. Too bad we forgot to have our complete group pic with the xmas tree. I hope next year, we'll be complete (paging Lhiz Espinosa-Manalese, Cathy Aquino and Jello Andrada) haha. Merry Christmas guys and I'm looking forward to make more memories in 2013. =)

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