Thursday, November 1, 2012

MSCI Halloween 2012

Our office had our first official Halloween party wherein teams were grouped by different themes (rhyming pa). Let's have a short tour and check out what used to be our workspace =P 

Theme: The Addams Family (I'm proud to say that this was our team's creative work)
Hands down to my colleagues who created the door.
The family portrait of the Addams Family fronting our living room.
Our spooky dining room
and ofcourse the bedroom
As for the creepy lady, I'll tell you about that later.
Meet the Addams Family
Theme: Nightmare Before Christmas

Theme: Plants vs Zombies

Theme: Shake, Rattle and Roll
Someone is back from the dead
Remember the alien-looking monster who comes out in the toilet? Thats the "Undin" and the manananggal's other half (literally)
The creepy voodoo altar 
Theme: Scooby Doo
Too bad I wasn't able to capture all the themes.=( (Ghostbusters, Monsters Inc, Hellboy etc)
There were also fun games for the kids c/o Mcdonalds, face painting for everyone and endless treats =)
 The cute kids wearing their costumes.
 As for my costume, I dressed up as a lady in a funeral being a relative of the Addams family.
I just wore a sheer black top c/o grandma, a black long skirt c/o auntie belle, bought a headdress (P45) and a half yard black tulle fabric (P95) as veil at Carolina's and an old black headband. I only had to put baby powder on my face to make me extra white and a dark red lipstick. 
After the snacks, we just went crazy taking photos:

It was a super fun event and it was even more fun for the kids because they took home a lot of candies (inggit?) Til our next halloween party. =)

Photo Credits:
Pics grabbed from Sir Chris Garcia, Sir Lloyd of SCAS, Cheryl Tiu and Julie Borlongan.

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