Monday, February 27, 2012

Cafeteria Verde

Some of us are probably sick of eating at our usual go-to fast food restaurants for a satisfying and budget-friendly meal. Since I was looking for a new place to eat without the long lines and  without the guilt of all the calories, my friend and I tried this place in the middle of Robinsons Galleria’s sports loop. It was a nice and cozy place where you can hang out and probably read since the place was quiet and easeful. I ate there around 2pm for late lunch that’s why it wasn’t too crowded.  
Good thing I always bring the coupon that I bought from Smart Concepts. I got this coupon from a sales agent at Big Chill (Solaris One Branch, Makati City) for P400.00. [I know it is quite expensive but  I’m a constant consumer of their products and I thought that it would be worth it, so I bought it =P]   

We ordered one Paad Thai, Panini and Super Fresh drinks all for P149 (using the coupons) and I saved P114.00. Here’s the breakdown:
Paad Thai – P 99
Superfresh shake – P45 (Medium)
Total: P 144

Free with coupon:
Superfresh shake – P35 (Small)
Panini – P 79
Total: P 114

Coupon 1: Buy any drink and receive any drink of lesser value FREE!
Coupon 2: Buy any food item and receive any food item of lesser value FREE!
Note: You can use use coupon1 and coupon 2 at the same time but not 2 coupons of the same kind. =)

As for the food, it was not too great but I liked it.
1. As for the Paad Thai, it didn’t taste like the authentic one but it was good enough. It was tasty and it was satisfying for a light-eater like me.

2. I liked the Panini. Inside the Panini were mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil. You can really taste the freshness of the tomatoes and basil.

3. The best part of the meal was the drinks. The mango was so fresh and the coconut milk gave it a different twist. I enjoyed it with sago =)

All in all, I enjoyed my simple meal. Diet-conscious people will like the place and it’s a good spot for vegetarians as well. The food is budget friendly and it will still satisfy your craving taste buds. You can also order for take out if you’re planning to go to the movies (a better alternative to chips).

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