Monday, February 27, 2012


As a special treat for Valentines day, Ayalamalls not only gave out single roses to couples but also treats for singles as well: Valentine Discount Booklets. This booklet will give you discounts to selected establishments. I was able to use one when we headed to Pinkberry for dessert.
Good thing you can try out their flavors for free. The staff were very accommodating to let us try the different flavors before ordering. Honestly, to me, it all tasted the same so I just ordered one of each - Original and Watermelon. I also think Pinkberry had the most options for toppings. I would usually go for the simple almonds so it would not really affect the taste but since they offered 4 free toppings, I got to try other good stuff as well (YEY!).

this is my final combo: 

original + watermelon yogurt 
cheese cake
mango burst

Almonds are common since all frozen yogurt shops offer that topping. It gives a certain crisp to contrast the smooth texture of the yogurt. The cheesecake gives the certain creaminess (like a cake) to the plain taste of yogurt. The other 2 toppings are quite unusual but I would definitely recommend for you to try. The mango burst are like tapioca (sago) but inside it is a rich mango puree. It literally bursts in your mouth. It's fun to eat since it is exciting and flavorful. My most favorite topping would be the health bars. It tastes like chopped butterfinger. (yum!) So if you're looking for more variety and something to cool you down this summer, go now to Pinkberry's only branch at Greenbelt 5 Makati.

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