Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mystery of M&Ms

I've always loved M&Ms in yellow (with peanuts) since I was a kid. I remembered how I would always pick the red one and use it as lipstick. =P One day when I was eating my last mini bag of M&Ms, it hit me that I didn't know what M & M stands for. Thanks to the internet, I got my answer.

M & M comes from the initials of 2 men who introduced these brightly colored candies in 1941:
Forrest E. Mars, Sr. and Bruce Murrie

Visit this site to get to know how famous brands got their names: - - ENJOY! =)


  1. This seems to be something I need to try when I'm in tagaytay. Nice post! =D

  2. hi there! thanks for dropping by =)