Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tempura's New Salmon Maki with Cream Cheese

Tempura 50% off promo 2011
Every year I look forward to Tempura's 50% off on all sushi, maki and sashimi. Last year, my friend and I dined in at Tempura Grill Convergy's branch and we ordered our usual Califonia Maki, and 4 orders of Salmon Sashimi (obviously our favorite). We also tried their Uncle Sam's maki which had bacon bits and cream cheese ( a must-try!) which is one of their bestsellers.

As for this year we decided to try the others Makimonos: Dynamite, and Firecracker Crisp. When we placed our orders, the waiter informed us that only their classic makis were included in the promo. Upon hearing this I think my heart melted or more of I was quite disappointed (see my reaction). We had to change our entire list of orders. Good thing there were still some good ones to order and we decided to try their new product: Salmon Maki with cream cheese.

my reaction
What I loved about it, is it's stuffed.  The sesame seeds and spring onions added an edgy after taste. The cream cheese made it more tasty. It was topped with fried breading giving it a crunchy feel. It was definitely not an ordinary salmon roll. 

the new Salmon Maki w/ cream cheese

All in all our bill was P435 comprising of 1 Salmon cream cheese and 3 orders of salmon sashimi (6-7 slices).
Without the promo it could be around P800+.

Visit your nearest Tempura Grill branch now while their promo is still available (only until Feb 28, 2012 2-5pm only)

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