Thursday, September 27, 2012

33rd Manila International Book Fair

Admitting I'm a bookworm, this was definitely an event, I didn't miss. Thanks to Ching I was able to score passes and thanks to my dad for driving me to SMX even with the bad weather. Too bad I was only able to go during the last day of the event that 90% of the books in my must-have list were sold out boohoo. =(

Books everywhere!!
Interactive promotions for kids and kids at heart =P
From local authors to international bestsellers, classic archie comics, everyone's favorite Where's Wally, newly released books and more more books =)
There were also some office supplies as well. Oh how I love pens =)
I got this super cute postcard from OMF Lit's booth where I bought my John Maxwell book =)

Almost all booths offered 20% off in their books. There were even religious books below P10.00. It must have been wild during the first few days. I can't believe David Levithan's books got sold out. I only ended up with a few items. Surprisingly, my dad was the one who went into a shopping spree and brought home 2  eco bags full of books and planners. Apparently, he bought it as gifts for Christmas (good idea!). Oh well,  I'll just wait for the 34th MIBF next year and I should really (and I mean REALLY) finish all the books I have on hand. I always get distracted when there are new ones =P See u 2013. 

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