Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bizarre Bazaar

Welcome to MSCI's first ever bazaar. This encouraged entrepreneurs in our office to showcase their own products and at the same time help raise funds. Even though I was only able to attend the first day, I'm glad I was able to try a lot of delicious food. =)

There was a booth that offered packed lunch but unfortunately I wasn't able to try it. It sold out after a few minutes before lunch time =P There was also a booth that offered cool shirts for men =)


Another sold out booth is Jaja and Sunny's "Yummy Treats". Good thing I was early and I got the chance to try their yummy red velvet cupcakes and their cheesecake bars =)
My favorite booth would be Tippi's corner, which had polvorons and the ever famous Blondies =) A lot of fanatics were already waiting for her delicious pastries before she even arrived.
That's Tippi or commonly known as Trish. Not only did she sell sweet pastries but it was also sweet of her to donate the proceeds to the victims of the recent 'Habagat'. 
Just before lunch time, a booth opened to sell different kinds of pasta. Since I was a pasta freak, I really wanted to try all (takaw lang). Since I know I couldn't finish everything, I just decided to try the penne and it was really good. =)
Congrats to the organizers for a successful event! Happy Shoppers and  Happy Sellers =) Looking forward to MSCI's future happenings =)

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