Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kill Time at Resorts World Manila

Too early for your flight? No problem! Here's a short side trip if you have some hours to kill.
PLAN: Go to Game Zoo and Have coffee while watching a live band.
Bought a card at Game Zoo for P150 (P50 refundable upon return of card) (Time: 2-3pm)
Shoot some hoops, kill zombies, ride a motorcycle, hammer some mushrooms.
Feel like a race car driver, and play the most disappointing game EVERR. The price to catch was quite tempting though-- Magnum and Cornetto ice cream =) 
Release your stress with Penguin Paradise or if you have a friend with you, play ice hockey. =)
The price for each game was quite expensive if you would compare it to Time Zone, but I liked that it was not too crowded and it was very clean.
I'm sure you got a little tired. Now, its time to relax and unwind. Go to the casino area, order some drinks and enjoy the live band. (Time 3-4 pm). At first the band was playing some good old songs and later on they were singing new songs from Lady Gaga, BEP, J. Lo and even Carly Rae Jepsen (Call Me Maybe). If you know the songs, you can sing along (well, I did haha). 
I had so much fun that I almost forgot about my flight. I immediately rushed to find the the shuttle to T3 and catch my 6:30 flight. =P My major booboo was I missed the shuttle and took the cab instead and my flight was not at T3. Major panic!! But that's another story. =P I'll be doing this again soon =)

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