Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Would 'Eye' Wear?

I was watching the movie “This Means War” and saw this scene with Reese Witherspoon entering the office and I noticed her eye wear. I just loved it! It’s not too thick, it had design and she still looks classy and stylish. 

I’m wondering how some people wear those big eyeglasses without looking nerdy. Even famous celebrities are sporting that look but they still look fabulous. 

Anne Hathaway in Gucci Eye Wear

I’ve been wearing my normal red eye glasses since my old one got broken and I think it's making me look older or geeky. (Teacher Mgx?)
Looking geeky at Hong Kong Airport
I know I can buy contact lenses but eye glasses seems more practical and convenient especially being in front of the monitor the whole day. I want to try those big nerdy eye glasses since it's quite big to cover the entire eye area and it looks really comfortable to wear. Do you think I could pull it off or will it make me look worse? =P

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