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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Quick Escape

Stop and smell the roses. That's what I've been telling myself. Sure I'm always 'busy' and my mind is always preoccupied with a lot of things. Sometimes I can't think straight or my mind is flying somewhere else when it shouldn't be. I'm guilty of over-thinking, and I end up stressing myself out. So I booked a day to spend more time with my family. I dropped everything and just went out to have a good time. 
We all need these kinds of little breaks to clear our minds, to recharge, to be inspired and appreciate the little things that matter. These moments when you wish that everyday would be like that and you don't want to go back to reality, when everything seemed perfect and you feel like it's all a dream.    

(Had Bulalo at Leslie's and bought snacks at Good Shepherd) -- Good Shepherd now has fruit shakes and other snacks for takeout =)
Location: Tagaytay Highlands
Enjoying the pool to beat the burning weather. =P
As the famous comedian Kevin James said "There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap". (Pizza Quattro Stagioni at Highlands)
One should not miss the beautiful view of Taal. From afar the water looked calm and steady, but you'll see the waves when you get closer - I think it's just like me =P
To make your sight-seeing more relaxing, why not have some good coffee while enjoying the cold breeze? I checked out Filibeans which is located at the back of Leslie's. I tried Kapeng Nakakamocha if I remember it right =)
Bought lots of fruits on our way home. =)
Boohoo end of my quick vacation. =( If you're also into the point of exploding, go and take a break. 
A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking - Earl Wilson. 
If you're just too busy and couldn't spare a day, I hope you could at least have some seconds for laughter because that's already the shortest vacation you'll have =) Enjoy your weekend everyone!!=)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stradivarius at Glorietta 2

As Glorietta 2 re-opened its doors to a new and bigger space, they also brought new concept stores to the Philippines such as Stradivarius, which is a women's clothing brand from Spain. 

Their items looked casual and chic =) From left to right: Safari and Boho styles =)
If you're looking for the perfect denim chambray, you can get them here. They have it in different shades (dark, medium & light). If you need something for work, or to go for a preppy look, you will surely love their colorful light knit wear.
Brighten up your wardrobe with colorful denims for P1,290.
Pair a plain top with a funky printed bottoms.          Colorful sleeveless tops perfect for summer.
Accessorize to spice up your look. Unfortunately they only have several pieces to choose from.
More casual 3/4 striped blouses in different colors and more bright shirts. I'm into 3/4 blouses because it makes my arms look slimmer. =)
+/- Prices range from P500-P2000+  which is more affordable compared to Zara
 - They don't have stuff for men
- Not much accessories
+ colorful, trendy and wearable items
+ accessible

Visit them at Glorietta 2 (near entrance to Landmark) Happy Shopping! =)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kill Time at Resorts World Manila

Too early for your flight? No problem! Here's a short side trip if you have some hours to kill.
PLAN: Go to Game Zoo and Have coffee while watching a live band.
Bought a card at Game Zoo for P150 (P50 refundable upon return of card) (Time: 2-3pm)
Shoot some hoops, kill zombies, ride a motorcycle, hammer some mushrooms.
Feel like a race car driver, and play the most disappointing game EVERR. The price to catch was quite tempting though-- Magnum and Cornetto ice cream =) 
Release your stress with Penguin Paradise or if you have a friend with you, play ice hockey. =)
The price for each game was quite expensive if you would compare it to Time Zone, but I liked that it was not too crowded and it was very clean.
I'm sure you got a little tired. Now, its time to relax and unwind. Go to the casino area, order some drinks and enjoy the live band. (Time 3-4 pm). At first the band was playing some good old songs and later on they were singing new songs from Lady Gaga, BEP, J. Lo and even Carly Rae Jepsen (Call Me Maybe). If you know the songs, you can sing along (well, I did haha). 
I had so much fun that I almost forgot about my flight. I immediately rushed to find the the shuttle to T3 and catch my 6:30 flight. =P My major booboo was I missed the shuttle and took the cab instead and my flight was not at T3. Major panic!! But that's another story. =P I'll be doing this again soon =)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Trade Fair

I think this is the only trade fair attended by 5 people, but this is one of the best I've ever gone to. I called it a 'trade fair' because we got to exchange books, movies, series and whatever we had =P Remember the days when we trade up stationery and stickers? (aww.. i miss those days * reminiscing*) It was exactly like that. Plus a time to catch up, relax and plan for our October trip =) We met up at Army Navy BGC and had our burger lunch. It was my first time to try their burger and it was really good. I got worried the black sesame seeds would get stuck in my teeth (not good for photo ops and cute guys alert haha!). My friend Kai was also happy with the burger. (Thanks Gian for suggesting this.)
After lunch we decided to go to our next door neighbor (Starbucks), to chill, have coffee and plug our gadgets =) I was really amazed with the beautiful interiors of that branch. I think it's the first "Filipinized" Starbucks.
Then we became busy checking out what each one brought. While the girls were happy chit chatting, the boys played with Magic cards. 
I also borrowed Kai's book which made me look crazy (laughing alone in one corner). I'm so jealous she was able to get her book signed! =P
I'm a big fan of TMR. Kai and I are planning to visit them one day =) 

A fun-filled Saturday with my folks: Kai, Gian, Steph and Vic. It seems 5 hours is not enough haha. Can't wait for our trip =) See you guys soon =)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hotspot: Robinsons Magnolia

A lot of my friends were checking in at Robinsons Magnolia and everyone just keeps talking about it so I decided to check it out last weekend. It was very accessible for me since it was only 1 ride away. I got out of the house, took the San Juan-Cubao jeepney right in front of our gate, hopped in and stopped at Hemady Street and I’m there! 
The main entrance is at the Aurora Blvd. side so I walked a few steps since all the side doors were all closed. 
The majestic hall reminded me of Greenbelt 5 because of the dazzling chandeliers and marble floors; and when I turned to see the stores, it was really like Greenbelt. 
Most of the stores were still closed but you can already see the “coming soon” signs of branded shops like GAP, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Muji, Beauty Bar, and the most-awaited Cotton On etc. While the mall is loaded with chic stores, their department store is really small =( Since I’m not really up for branded stuff, what would lure me back to this place are the yummy restos like Buffet 101, Yabu, Big Better Burgers and the new Ramen Bar which I’m really excited to try. 
Even their food court is quite upscale seeing Pepper Lunch! =P I would also like to try the new seats of their cinemas with some free popcorn haha =P  Lastly, I would like to reminisce my childhood days at the new but smaller version of Magnolia House to have some dessert or merienda and possibly have a short walk along the grass-covered area to burn the calories haha. 
Can’t wait for all the shops to open! This will definitely be a new hangout place for QC/San Juan peeps =)