Thursday, April 26, 2012

Belated Happy 100th Birthday Oreo Cookies

It’s been 100 years but everyone still loves this yummy cookie sandwich. Every bite brings childhood memories and somehow it can make adults feel like kids again. Dunk it in milk, top it on your cake, mix it in your ice cream, twist then lick the cream – there are several ways to enjoy it. I remember having a picture taken with my mouth full of crushed oreos covering some of my teeth and flashing a big smile. =P Oreos are not just good but it’s fun to eat. I think that’s what made them last a hundred years =)
Trivia: It was created on March 6, 1912 and was first sold in Hoboken, New Jersey. 
To celebrate, its 100th birthday, they released a special edition birthday 'cake'.

So what's with the limited edition oreo? 
Its age is embossed on the cookie and the cream is filled with SPRINKLES!!! =)

It smells like cotton candy too =P

For me it was a bit too sweet compared to the normal Oreos but it was still good. =) With its sweetness I can only eat 2 or 3.  I think the reason they added sprinkles was because it looked like confetti and confetti is associated with celebrations (just a guess) =P 

Truly another wonderful flavor from the world's favorite cookie - Oreos =)

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