Thursday, April 19, 2012

Walang Kukurap =P

I usually read before I go to sleep. It's actually my way of making myself sleepy haha. But once I'm already sleepy, I get so lazy to stand and turn off the lights. Tamad lang haha. In the spirit of Earth Day this coming April 22, I would like to share this "energy-saving" idea from Randy Sarafan which is quite funny for me. This lamp switches off everytime you close your eyes. I shall call this "Kindat Lamp". Imagine using this and blinking often with other people in the same room (disco lang?) =P

It's like 'turning the lights off when not in use' done at the highest level. Haha!
If you would like to have one, check out Sarafan's step-by-step tutorial =)

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