Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chillax Friday: Leisure Dive =)

Everyone's constant complaint is how steaming our weather is. Imagine hitting 36.2 degrees? Ugh! Everytime I go out I feel like I'm entering a pre-heated oven. It makes me want to jump in a pool to cool down. 

But do you know there's a new way to throw yourselves in the water? 
It's called 'leisure dive'.
Leisure Dive is basically having a creative 'photo-ready' pose before you actually dive. It's that split-second moment before you hit the water. You must have a good photographer and a good camera to do this =P
I think it's better than planking. The only thing is it's quite hard to catch that moment and it could be dangerous.    

A great website compiled different leisure diving pics wherein you could also send your own entries.
(Photos from - - check this site to find more hilarious pics of 'leisure diving'

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