Monday, May 7, 2012

Eats Showtime! =)

Sorry for being MIA for almost a week. I'm having a hard time accessing my blog page from my desktop and laptop at home and also I've been around haha. I've been eating here and there thus the weight gain (I think) but it was fun to discover such yummy treats. Here's a run down of what I've been eating:

1. White Hat's Pinoy Hat (froyo) Caramel Cream (drink)

Each item costs P125 each but thanks to my friend's coupon, we got it for P200 only. 
The chocnut + frozen yogurt combination wasn't my favorite. The yogurt was quite sour that it didn't blend well with the chocnut. I loved the caramel cream drink since it wasn't too sweet unlike other caramel flavored drinks.

2. Margarita Pizza from Green Tomato (Shangri-la)

I love pizza but I'm picky with the toppings. Sometimes I end up removing the ones I don't like and transferring it to the next pizza slice so whoever gets it would have bonus toppings haha. Margarita pizza only has my favorites (fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil) that's why I loved it =)

3. Dulong Pizza from Green Tomato (Shangri-la)

When it comes to pasta, I prefer the tomato-cream based sauce than the oil-based ones.  But this dish was quite good. It had a good Pinoy twist =)

4. Tapa King's Chocolate Cake 

 Who would have thought that Tapa King offers this super yummy dessert? 
It's super moist and it's not too sweet. It also has a caramel layer in the middle. 

5.1 (left) Durian Chips from Bangkok

I don't eat Durian because the smell alone makes me lose my appetite haha. But when I tried their chips, it didn't taste (nor smell) like Durian. It was so good! This was from a friend who came back from Bangkok. It's hard to find durian chips here even though we have an abundance of durian during season. I'll try to look for a Pinoy version =P

5.2 (right) Kirkland's Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Potato Chips Sea Salt

It's like super thick Ruffles which tastes like fries. It comes from a 950g bag and is a bit oily.
You would enjoy it with a dip =)

6. Tea Tap

Milk tea is everywhere but I only go for certain brands and Tea Tap is one of them. 
Unfortunately, I think their only branch is in San Juan. On the good side, its near my place.
It's also a nice place to hangout but it's difficult to find a parking slot during weekends.

7. Tapa King's Tapa Flakes

Perfect meal for breakfast but I had it for lunch haha. The best selling tapa of Tapa King shredded into flakes and with more crisp =P

8. Cantina Deliciosa's Enchilada

 Discovered this in 'Blessings and Prosperity' along Ayala Avenue. They also serve paella, burritos and quesadilla. For P95 you'll get an authentic Mexican dish. =)

9. Kraft Mac & Cheese

Every kid and kid at heart's favorite snack. 

No wonder I feel heavy. Imagine all the calories in all these. Hay. 
Diet = FAIL! =P

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