Friday, July 13, 2012

A Birthday Room Raid

My best friend celebrated her birthday last weekend and we decided to have a "slumber date" (a slumber party with just the 2 of us haha). It felt like we were in high school again and we had so much fun catching up. Words are not enough to describe this fabulous woman so I decided to raid her room and took snap shots of her favorite stuff.

Her green Zara pumps.
Her majestic ring.
The kikay who's loyal to Mac.
Ms. Workaholic
Call Me Maybe? =P
Her bright and colorful wardrobe
Prints galore - animal, aztec, cosmic and floral
Bling Blings
Killer Shoes

From her stuff you can already see her fun and lively personality. But her real identity is not revealed in her shoes nor in her bag but in her BIG BIG heart. I Love You Bessy =) Happy Birthday =) 

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