Friday, July 20, 2012

The Lover's Dictionary

All my plans got cancelled today due to continuous rain and flooded areas. This allowed me to finally finish this book which I just discovered this week through a list of best sellers I found online. It's not a typical love story told in chronological order but it's a dictionary with a twist. It was a light and enjoyable read that will put you in different moods.

At first I thought it was a dictionary for terms that are used when talking about relationships and love but surprisingly, they were words that were interpreted based on the experiences of the speaker. Somehow the words are like puzzle pieces that reveal the speaker's love story. It was not in specific order and more like the speaker is telling his story based on specific and random moments from his love life. I had a lot of favorite lines and I would like to share some with you:

Source: All quoted from the book

Note: These are only SOME of my favorite lines. If I would highlight all my favorite lines, the book would end up looking like a coloring book. =P

These lines made me love the feeling of being in love. Also, I think the author was able to put in words some hard to explain emotions or thoughts. It feels as if I'm part of the story because there were instances that made me relate to what he was telling or feeling and sometimes I feel like I'm the other person he was talking to. This book isn't really a reference book but a love story unraveled slowly by the speaker's random memories of the past. It's emotional and romantic but it's not heavy drama. His story isn't the fairy tale type but I would say it's more realistic. He's the typical guy who goes madly in love and experiences the ups and downs of being in a relationship. There were also moments that would crack you up:

macabre, adj.
If you ever need proof that I love you, the fact that I allowed you to dress me up as a dead baby Jesus for Halloween should do it. Although I suppose it would be even better proof if it hadn’t been Halloween.

Whether you're in a relationship or not, I think this book is a must read. It will make you say "awwww" and some lines will make your heart break (especially if you can relate to it). I loved how David Levithan soulfully expressed how he felt at that time and how cleverly found words that would somehow summarize that moment. I highly recommend this to everyone including my guy friends. Unfortunately, I believe this book is for adults only. (Sorry tweens!)

Source: All lines were quoted from David Levithan's book entitled "The Lover's Dictionary" - 2011


  1. These quotes are wonderful, something to really relate to c:, thank you so much for sharing :3

    xo, L

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for dropping by =) I'll go follow your blog as well. Take Care =)