Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Young at Heart

It was my friend's 30th birthday celebration with a cartoon character theme. Since I didn't have any costume ready, I just made use of borrowed and some owned resources to create my look.

I decided to go as Minnie Mouse since it's one of the easiest characters to dress up as =)

To get the look, you would need:

A Minnie Mouse headband from Disneyland HK (borrowed from Bessy)

A Black Blouse (own)

A red and white polka dot skirt. 

But since it's hard to find one, I just improvised. =) From a plain red skirt which I bought for P100 from ukay, I added white dots by using masking tape. I used a drilling gauge to draw circles and I cut it out one by one. After the party I just have to remove the dots so I can use the skirt =P

White Socks and Doll Shoes

Minnie mouse wore yellow shoes but I just put on doll shoes to get a childish look haha.

Minnie Me

With the birthday boy -- who looks 18

With Annie/Goldilocks

With other kids at heart 

The night was filled with super naughty and super fun games. I was laughing so hard because the hosts (including the celebrant) were hilarious! Too bad I left early and I missed a lot of funny moments.
Lucky for Chris, he does not look 30. I think his jolly personality sustains his high energy and that subtracts the years from his real age. I guess the true secret to look and feel young is by being happy. You would no longer need beauty creams nor plastic surgeries just to keep your youthful glow. A happy heart would truly reveal itself with how a person looks. It’s a natural anti-aging treatment which is really effective. Happiness doesn’t stop the age but it could slow the process of aging. So stay happy and don’t count the years =P

Happy Birthday Chris =)


  1. You look super cute! I also improvise on costumes mostly. One time I went as 'the american flag' (to a USA vs. USSR theme party) and put white star stickers on my blue shirt as well :)



  2. Hi Marielle,

    Thanks for dropping by =P I'm glad you liked my last minute costume. I would love to see your pic as the american flag, I'm sure you look awesome! =)

    Take Care!