Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Tagaytay Wedding

 I love weddings! Not only is it a time to dress up and be glamorous but more importantly to celebrate the union of two individuals bound by love.

We stayed at Tagaytay Haven Hotel. I loved this place because of its very convenient location (along the highway) and it is budget-friendly. As far as I can remember we paid P 3,840 for a room good for 6 (P640 per person). I was expecting to have a jam-packed room because there would be a number of us sharing it but I was so surprised to have a very spacious area. (You can actually squeeze-in two additional beds). It was very clean and the staff was also friendly. 

It was a rainy Friday and the perfect thing to cap off the night is some hot bulalo soup. Since it was already late (around 11 pm), we searched for an open food spot and saw RSM Lutong Bahay.

We ordered the famous bulalong tagalog which got the Sooo Pinoy Award for Best Bulalo (2011) and halaan soup. It was also my first time to try the bone marrow. I heard it was the best part and it really was. The only thing is it's bad for those with cholesterol problems.

(Wedding Day)

Since the free breakfast was only for two, we just walked a few steps (in sleepwear) going to Jollibee, which is connected to the hotel. =) Then we took our turns to hit the shower and dressed up. Good thing my friend Kaye brought her cute mini iron to straighten out our crumpled wedding get up. 

Then that's me in my simple long red dress =)

The ceremonies were held at Lourdes Church. The church was filled with white roses and the aisles were lined with white cloth.

The couple exchanged vows and had the photo ops.
The reception was held at Clear Waters which was just a few blocks away from the church. 

The weather was perfect for the garden setting and the place had a nice view of Taal. When we thought that it would rain, the sun was so high that it gave me my tan. =P


It was indeed a lovely day to celebrate the joyful union of our friend John and his wife Eds. Best wishes to the bride and groom. =)

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