Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do the Denim

Lately, I've been spotting A-list celebrities wearing denim shirts. They all look fabulous and at the same time it looked really comfortable. It's very versatile as you can make it really girly or make it look rugged. I believe it's a must-have item for every girl.

Kate Bosworth

Ashley Greene

Ashley Olsen
Vanessa Hudgens wearing Jen's Pirate Booty Guipil Texas Tuxedo Shirt in Denim

Katie Holmes wearing a 1969 Denim Gap Top with ripped jeans

Rachel Bilson and Hilary Duff
Pins and Needles Tie-Front Chambray Top $ 49
Rails Jayden Buttondown Denim Shirt with Collar Tips $127
I'm now in search for the perfect denim top. Not too big nor too small. Just with the right fit to easily match it with leggings, shorts or skirts. Hopefully I could find one with the right shade (not too faded) and with the right texture and thickness so I can still wear it with the humid weather. I also hope it would not be too expensive =P

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