Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coffee - More fun in the Philippines?

After having lunch, I was so full that I was craving coffee to melt everything that I ate. On my way to SBC, I passed by the trade fair happening at the carousel court at festival mall hoping to buy Tantamco's Ube. Unfortunately, there was no ube for me but instead, there was coffee! Who would have thought I'll find coffee there? I have to admit seeing the price convinced me to try it (P10.00/ cup). The sales lady even opened the dispenser to show that it was really brewed. It was Kalinga Brew ground coffee which is a combination of different coffee beans: arabica, robusta and excelsa and is proudly from the Cordillera region.
I have to say Pinoy coffee can match those imported coffee shops. If I'm not mistaken you can buy it for P200.00 (500g pack). In other places that amount would only bring you 2 cups. As for the taste, it had the right mix - not too strong and not too mild. Next on my list will be to try the famous Alamid or "Civet" coffee.  
Eventhough I already have my coffee, I decided to push through with my SBC plan (hehe I sneaked my coffee in) to buy something that would go well with my hot drink (probably a pastry or a cake). I ended up buying cinnamon which I did not really enjoy so I didn't include it in the pic.=P What caught my attention is the beautiful photo wall gallery in the dining area. I really wish I could create something like that for my room. I enjoyed my quiet time sipping my favorite drink, browsing magazines and admiring the view. What a way to cap off my Saturday afternoon!

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