Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Caingin Fiesta at San Rafael, Bulacan

During the first sunday of May, residents of Caingin, San Rafael Bulacan, celebrate their 'fiesta'.
We were invited by some of my mom's relatives as they would be preparing their special dishes.
We first dropped by the Sto. Cristo Parish as it was known to be miraculous.

Outside the church, there were vendors selling calasiao and suman.

In the Philippines, only one thing is certain when it comes to celebrating fiestas, and that is overflowing food.

Seafood, lechong baka, sinampalukang manok and home-made langka ice cream were just some of the dishes served. 

And ofcourse, no celebration would be complete without videoke!=)

I'm proud to say that our relatives were all talented singers. When I was asked if I could give a 'sample', I told them I would rather dance instead (and in my head I was planning to do the running man =P).

I ate a lot of shrimp and I surprisingly liked the home-made langka ice cream though I dont eat langka. It was a fun and filling day and I hope to be back next year =)

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