Thursday, May 24, 2012

Healthy Hearty Meal

Why is Pho Hoa my go-to healthy place? You'll be assured to have a well-balanced meal. Also their dishes are naturally flavored by fresh vegetables and  herbs with the right mix of your favorite meat toppings.

I ordered minced chicken and mushroom with lettuce wrap with hoisin sauce.
The lettuce wrap was very fresh and crispy while the minced chicken and mushroom was so tasty. It was filled with chopped carrots making it more healthy. It was a perfect low-carb meal.

My brother ordered COM TOM THIT  NUONG - Grilled Pork & Shrimp w/ Rice.
Not much of veggies but less oil for the dish because both the shrimp and pork were grilled. The original recipe is supposed to be vermicelli noodles instead of rice but being a pinoy, it's good for me.

One of the best spring rolls I've ever tasted. So fresh, crispy and tasty =P

Since I wanted to add some 'hotness' in my meals, I poured some 'sriracha' (more like their hot sauce).
Their lemon juice was indeed fresh =)

Ofcourse it won't be complete without having pho (soup) since it was their specialty and it was perfect for the rainy evening. We ordered Pho Do Vien (seafood noodle soup). It had some shrimp and fish balls.
It comes with a plate of additional fresh flavorings like basil leaves, bean sprouts and lime to add taste.

I loved Pho Hoa, I'll definitely go back to have a scrumptious, and guilt-less meal =)

Shot at Pho Hoa Wilson Street, San Juan.

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