Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Pop Shop Princess Lipsticks


I think every kikay girl has to have 1 pink lipstick in her make-up kit. Since I'm not really a pro to buy those expensive ones, I decided to try these fab shades from Pop Shop. 
I know what you're thinking... yes it's for teens hence the 'Princess Collection' but I'm just twenteen something so I guess it's ok haha.  
  I wanted to buy all of them because I can't decide which shade I would use regularly but I just kept in mind to choose something wearable and something that would suit my personality.

So I chose: Princess Mayblossom & Princess Amethyst

Princess Mayblossom (peach shade)

If you're wearing neutral colors, this shade of pink could blend in. It's for a fresh/ demure feel.
More on the nude side but with a hint of pink.

The look:


Princess Amethyst - (fuchsia pink)

Has a bold color and its good to blend with darker colors. More subtle than red.
I was expecting to have "Barbie" pink lips but it wasn't too pigmented. It resulted to a raspberry shade which I also liked.

The look:


Special Intro Price of P 89.00 and any 2 for P 149.00 saving P 191
Regular Price is: P170

+ It has a little fruity smell and it's not drying.
- low staying power
- low to medium coverage
+ with moisturizer and sunscreen
- not pigmented, need a couple of swipes to get full coverage
+/- not glossy
+ super affordable
+/- you have to contact a dealer at Tupperware brands

Pop Shop Lipstick is a product of Tupperware Brands Philippines.


  1. where can i avail this? is this available at any sm department store?.. kindly reply .. i really like the color and i want to grab ONE ..

  2. o let me rephrase myself .. not one .. i want to grab diff. color .. :D

  3. hi camille super sorry for the late reply. I'm not sure if this is available at SM but you can buy one from a Tupperware Brands dealer =)