Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Make Up Sale

Want to look fab but on a tight budget? Check out some branded makeup at discounted prices!

A.     Golden Ratio Contour Maker #02 Pink
Original Price – Php 518.40         
Selling for – Php 450.00

B.     Rose Marble Peach Blush
Original Price – Php 478.00
Selling for Php 380.00

C.     Sweet Eye Cupcake
Original Price – Php 318.40
Selling for Php 255.00

D.    Peach Beam Blusher
Original Price – Php 382.40       
 Selling for – Php 300.00

A.1 L’oreal True Match Makeup Base – 30 ml
Original Price – Php 425.00
Selling for – Php 350.00

A.2 Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream 50 g
Original Price – Php 1,200
Selling for Php 700.00

B. L'oreal True Match 30 ml
G3- Golden Beige – used only once
Original Price – Php 995.00
Selling for – Php – 750.00

C. Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation 10g (36 M)
Porcelain & Toffee
Original Price – Php 795.00
Selling for Php 650.00

D. Liquid Foundation – Loreal True Match 30ml – (12m)
Sealed with price tag – Php 995.00
Selling for Php – Php 800.00
Left to Right : N1 – Nude Ivory, R2 – Apricot Ivory, N4 –Nude Beige, N7 – Nude Amber

E. Revlon Custom Creations 30ml (24months)
Light Medium – sealed, never been used
Adjustable dial to customize shade
Original Price – Php 875.00
Selling for – Php 700.00

F. The Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer – 64 ml
Never been used
Original Price – Php 975
Selling for Php 700
G.  Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer – LIGHT
Note: Used only once
Original Price – Php 1,150.00
Selling for Php 900.00

NYX Round Lipsticks - P120.00 each
Indian Pink

Left: The Body Shop Limited Collection for Eyes Selling for Php 900.00

Upper Right (in order):
The Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer - Selling for Php 500.00
The Body Shop Illuminating Face Base - Selling for Php 700.00
 The Face Shop Acne Solution Concealer - Selling for Php 300.00

Lower Right:
The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes - Selling for Php 400.00

 Dollface Cosmetics

Upper Photo: 32 Shimmer Eyeshadow with Blusher (never been used)
Original Price: Php 950
Selling Price: Php 750

Lower Photo:  Blusher (never been used)
Original Price: Php 850.00
Selling Price: Php 680.00

Smashbox Master's Class - never been used
Original Price - P 3,200
Selling for P 2,800

Bobbi Brown Collection

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful - never been used
Original Price: Php 3,000.00
Selling Price: Php 2,700.00

Country woods Eyeshadow Palette (Brand new, sealed)
Selling for Php 400.00

 PALLADIO Shimmer Strips (Brand new, sealed)
Original Price - Php 450.00
Selling for Php 380.00

 ELF Bronzing Powder
Warm Tan & Luminance
Selling for P 180.00 each

REVLON Blush & Bronzer (used once only)
Plumberry Prun
Original price: Php 575.00
Selling price: Php 450.00

Top photo: NYX Rouge Cream Blush (never been used)
Rose Petal
Bronze Goddess

Original Price - Php 330.00
Selling Price - Php 280.00

Bottom Photo: NYX Rouge Cream Blush (used)
Natural - Php 180.00
Orange - Php 280.00

 IN2IT Face Powder Oil Control
#03 Harvest (never been used)
Original Price: Php 379.75
Selling Price: Php 275.00

 Revlon Just Bitten (Flame) - Lipstain + Balm
Original Price: Php 575.00
Selling for Php 480.00


Revlon Colorstay
Brown Enhancer + Highlighter
Medium Brown + Soft Pink (sealed) - Php 480.00
Light brown + Champagne - Php 420.00

Covergirl All-day Lip Color (semi-permanent)
Ever Red-dy
Selling for Php 400.00

Note: There are some items which are slightly used and is noted in the caption.
If you're interested, please contact Iking at 09178106393.

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